Sneaking Up on Me

'Flowers' brought to me by Noah.

Did you know it's Mother's Day in 2 days? I knew, or I did on one level of my brain. That level that made plans for dinner with my family, and forced reminded my husband to call his mom.  But, I was thinking just yesterday about how I could write some posts about the women in my life- my mom, sisters, sisters-in-law, and wouldn't that be a nice gift for them?

Then I realized that I don't have time.  (That's a first. hehe)

I already have a Mother's Day post. I wrote an essay for nienie's 'Motherhood is..." contest. (I didn't win, surprise!)  But, the good part is I already have it written. I'll post it Sunday.

Today I was in the store and saw the cards and the enormous display of flowers and I thought of my kids.  You know how kids are. They want to give you something for Mother's Day. They make you those cute cards with handprints on them, and maybe a magnet or a pencil holder (because really, I have no place for my pencils).  But, every year it seems we never have money around Mother's Day. It's always something. (Like maybe a $600 car repair the week before.)  Then, as I got in my car to go home, I got an idea that was spurred by the very messy state of my very expensively repaired car.

I came home and made a list for my kids of things they can do as a present for me.  Because service is a great gift. Truly. And it's cheap. Here's my list-

Mom’s Mother’s Day Wish List
·       Clean out my car-
*all junk and garbage
*wipe down dashboard
*windows, inside and out
·       Mop the kitchen floor –under table and to the front door
·       Mop in front of doors in TV room
·       Wash walls
·       Clean YOUR room
·       Weed-wack behind back fence
·       Clean bathrooms

You might think this is a ploy to get my kids to clean without whining. You'd be right. But, what better gift could I get than a clean house/car and less whining?  Sounds perfect.  (You are totally welcome to borrow my idea. Wouldn't you like a clean house not cleaned by you?)
Here's hoping you get whatever it is you want for Mother's Day. 


  1. That's exactly what I told my grown children (who are all livign with us at the moment) that I wanted - - clean the house!!!!! especially the bathroom!! Don't spend money on me (well, maybe chocolate). Just clean clean clean and then clean some more!

    1. It's the simple things, isn't it?

  2. Going to go clean now ... bye!

  3. They just don't sell Mother's Day cards that say "Because of all you do, Mom, I am going to weed-whack behind the back fence!" They should, though. I think the words "weed-whack" need to be on every greeting card from now on.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, Jewels. You are a jewel indeed.

    1. I'd buy a card with the words weed-whack on it!
      Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

  4. Happy Mothers Day (sorry it's a little late). Back in March for Mothers Day, on this side of the pond, my request was for a lie in and breakfast in bed (which I got) indeed it is the simple things in life :-)

  5. I support this ploy one hundred percent. How did it go? ;)


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