Storm Warning

My front room looks like a storm hit it. Blankets are strewn here and there, dining chairs are out of place, and army men are waiting in camouflage to attack any bare feet that wander in. This is a result of fort-making yesterday and my being gone today. I've walked past the room several times and simply turned my head.  I don't want to deal with it.

My mind has had some hurricane force winds blowing around lately, as well.  My thoughts are topsy-turvy, ideas flung hither and yon. Focus is a far-fetched concept. I try to get a hold of some thought, but it's blown out of reach before I can grasp it.

I know what the problem is, but like my front room, I've had blinders on.  I find something else to distract me. facebook. Blogs. Pintrest. More blogs.  Housework, yes, even that.

I think I know what I need to do.  I'm shying away from it like a dentist chair.  It won't be painful to anyone but me. Still, I cringe at the very word.


Yep. A break.
 From my kids? No, in fact they will soon be much more a part of my life. Another reason a break will be helpful. I have a very small window of time before the tsunami of children waves in and overtakes me.

A break. From this. My blog. Your blogs. (ack! Really? How can I function without reading your amazing, inspiring, humorous words? How will you live without my comments? Seriously, don't you just wait with bated breath for me to comment?)

You can partially blame Deb from Kicking Corners.  She put the idea in my head. We spent the morning together and discussed so much about writing.  (I wish I'd been as smart as her when I was as young as her!) We talked about how we write, do our loved ones 'get it'.  And, we talked about taking breaks, and how we don't get nearly as much done as we'd planned. But, still.

Plus, we had this great writing group and I got some fabulous feedback. I'm rejuvenated.  I want to write. I need to write.  But, I need focus. And, dang it, the Internet pulls my focus like a tornado, spinning it and blowing it up and out and away.

Give me a week. A week to write and get my house in order. Literally. A week to seclude myself before my kids get out of school and start demanding my time and attention.  A week to finish those last 75 pages.  A week to read my entire book aloud.  A week to polish my query letter.  A week to psyche myself out that I'm really ready to do this.

(Because I'm really nervous.)

I hope you'll come back next week. The 31st. You and me, right here. Hopefully I'll have lots of good things to report.  And, I'll bring cookies.


  1. Enjoy your week, Jewels! Take all the time you need. I may be following in your footsteps soon. I started blogging so I could write more. Now blogging is interfering with my writing.

    You can do this. You have a great book. It needs to be read.

    I still say hither and yon.

  2. You had me at cookies. I'll give you a week, but I'll be waiting!

    Sorry, by the way, for my late response to your email. I forgot I set up a new gmail account and didn't bother checking it. Just like how I forget to change out the baking soda in the 'fridge. And take out the garbage. And make doctor appointments for girl issues.

    You understand. Good luck! Very exciting stuff!!!

  3. You had me at cookies too.

    Good Luck, Jewels! We're all rooting for you! (: And enjoy!

  4. I will miss you. But I understand about taking breaks. And I understand the pull of FB and blogs and the internet in general that takes away focus. I'm not trying to write a book or anything...but there are plenty of things that I'd like to do that I don't because I've got this internet addiction... :) And yes, actually I do love your comments. :) They always make me smile.

    Good luck with your writing!!! I'll see you in a week!

  5. oh, NO! Don't take a break NOW! Just dropped by to see if you'd link up with my new writing workshop; maybe that's the break you need, to try some fiction writing? Would love to have you!

  6. Whirlwind life, I get that. I hvae had an idea bubbling for a while but don't seem to put time aside to plan / write it. I get distracted by things like this:

    Any how, enjoy your break and I hope it is productive for you. Will miss you whilst you are gone and when you are back follow this link and participate if you like, or not is ok too. Just know I love your blog enough to want to get to know you better ;-)

  7. Oh dear (I think?). That was not my intention at all. But at the same time, I know it will be awesome and good and 75 pages? Go, go, go! I have butterflies for you.

  8. I'll come back. I'd have returned even without cookies, but with them? I'll be here! Oatmeal raisin, maybe?

    Enjoy your week, Jewels.

  9. I've been back and forth a bunch of times. And will be back again tomorrow. ;) Hope your break has been productive.

  10. COOKIES! YAY! By the way .. TAG! You're it!


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