What the Heck is Going On?

This was  a sun ring we saw on Sunday. (Maybe had
something to do with the eclipse later that day?)

I can't even begin to explain the knots that are tightening inside me right now. There is something very wrong with my laptop. I have backed up my book- which is the most important thing on here- and am trying to figure out what happened. Aaahh! I'm so challenged when it comes to technology.

How sad that my life is so dependant on this machine.

Here's a short update-

Max's thumb is broken. Dr. H. took one look at the xray and said, "Yes. There's a small crack." He left him in the brace, but told him if he didn't leave it on, I would bring him right in for a cast. Doctor's threats are much more serious than the mom kind.  The good news is that we only have three weeks, then hopefully it'll be done. I've promised a day of swimming as soon as he's better. (Also, Dr. H asked about the Handy Man's foot, which he performed surgery on a few years ago. This is good because my husband would rather suffer A LOT of pain, like bleeding from his ears and eyes, before admitting he needs any help. Not that his foot would cause his ears or eyes to bleed. More on this soon.)

Yesterday started out as a great day. I got up early to exercise, got the kids up, was starting the morning routine, and when I went up to my room for a quick shower, I found my door locked. (Yes, I have a lock on my bedroom door which requires a key. Hello. 8 kids. That lock is required for me to have any privacy.)  No big deal, I opened the closet to get out my 'hidden' key. Not there. I tore the closet apart. Nope. Clearly the key was where I left it the last time I used it- in my room. So, I was locked out all day. My computer and phone were both in the room. The Handy Man (who was at work) suggested I get out the (huge) ladder and climb up to the window. I considered it, but couldn't keep the images of me falling to the ground out of my mind.  So, I cleaned house. I painted 2 walls. I did laundry. I didn't get on facebook or Pintrest or any of  the blogs I normally read. And, I survived.  Go figure.

We had the most amazing weekend.  Our church service was a big conference in Salt Lake for all of our county- about 21,000 people. We got to hear some incredible speakers, including 2 of my favorites- Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Jeffrey R. Holland.  It was a much needed spiritual boost. Then, Sunday evening, Jacob graduated from Seminary.  I'm so proud of him and his devotion to his schooling and also the gospel. (High school graduation is next week.) 

Speaking of graduation, the next week and a half are crazy busy! I will be soooo glad when May is over and I can take a breath.  I have the graduation party to plan, plus I'm volunteering for our elementary school's field day. Luckily, the Handy Man has a long weekend this week and can help me, if we don't spend our time lounging and doing nothing- which is our favorite thing to do. Well, second favorite.

Oh, and guess what?!?! Tomorrow I am going to a writing group. I've never done this before and am uber-excited. What's even more exciting is the person who invited me. None other than Deb from Kicking Corners. Yep, I get to meet one of my blogging friends. I'm very nervous. Only because I worry that she'll meet me and think "This is the blogger I've been following? What was I thinking?"  But, seriously, I can't wait. It's going to be great. (Hope she doesn't ask if I finished my homework!)

Also, Saturday is Hill Air Force Base's air show. They haven't had one for three years. It's awesome. They're practicing over my house right now. I love those jets!

That's all for now. I'm off to sew curtains and try again to figure out this dumb computer. (Just kidding, sweet laptop. Please, please be ok.)

(Here's a couple of my favorite talks by Elder Holland and Pres. Uchtdorf.)


  1. Ok, that's maybe the only (smiley face) reason I envy you living in Utah - - the awesome speakers you get to hear! Two of my absolute heroes - Pres Uchtdorf and Elder Holland. I hate you! just kidding.

  2. I wish people would quit announcing the air show this weekend. We are coming up for it, and if it gets too crowded, we may just end up on your front lawn for the festivities. Just kidding...maybe.

  3. Wow! So much goodness! I hope your laptop gets well soon and without costing you $$ or your hard work!

  4. An AMAZING conference!! Elder Holland and Pres. Uchtdorf are two of my favorites as well...were we spoiled or what?! :)
    I wonder if I can convince Bryan that we need to attend the airshow. :) My sister used to live close enough that we could sit in her driveway and see the whole thing. (Now she lives in Idaho. Bummer. For more reasons that just the loss of airshow seating.)

    Good luck with your laptop, good luck with keeping your son in his brace, and good luck with your writing group tomorrow!!!

  5. lol. we should have a lock on our bedroom. Only the bathrooms. which the boys love to lock us out of.

  6. Good luck with the laptop, mine has had a week or two of having 'moments' but it seems to have got better without my interferance...fingers crossed.

    Bad that it is broken, good that it won't tke too long to heal. Remind me soetime to tell you the story of my daughters broken finger...bad mother guilt!!! (only because I thought she was having me on - thought I had better clarify there!)

    You AND Deb at a writting group...is it too late to get flights????? Hope you enjoy it ;-)

  7. We saw the sun ring too! But we called it a no-rainbow or just a bow, because we couldn't see all of it.


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