You Found Me How? May edition

Here it is again, my list of the terms people found me with. This is either clever, or just a really lazy way to get a post written.  I think it's funny that people would click on my little blog after searching these. (I'm not including any that include the word 'duggar' because I'm getting tired of those.)

'ice blocks' I prefer crushed, actually, the little tiny kind.

'a cast again'  Technically, he only has a brace.  Please, no more casts. Not during the summer anyway.

'wear my coat indoors'   Uh-uh. I don't even wear one outdoors. (Which drives the Handy Many crazy!)

'foot fetish mens'  Not my man. He cringes if you get anywhere near his feet. And he only touches mine if I
shove them at him in request for a massage.

'me to you birthday'  Um, happy day to you?  Come get your present.

'foot fetish text'  I mostly text the Handy Man, and, like I said, feet don't do anything for him.

'pioneer woman clothing'  I know my title says frumpy, but pioneer woman? I'm not that bad. (Unless you're comparing me to THE Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, then it's okay.

'my boys being homeschooled'  hahahaha That is so never going to happen.


  1. I prefer the crushed tiny ice too.

    By the way, I just looked over at your Facebook like box, and someone named Christopher has a "I *heart* foot fetish" image as his profile picture...


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