All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

"Mo-om! Can you take me to Wal-Mart?"

You should see my hair. I washed it today, for reals. I sort of straightened my bangs. The rest? Meh. I'm a little nervous to straighten all of it because a couple days ago I tried to straighten my earlobe. It's still sort of curvy, though. And, now, it's a nice shade of red and has a lovely scab.

"Mo-om! I really need a new phone.  Can we go at 7?"

Do I need to put on makeup? If I don't, I can pretty much guarantee that I will run into one of my neighbors, or that girl from high school who is now a supermodel. (Do supermodels go to Wal-Mart?  Probably, if they're also from Idaho.)  What about a bra?  Yeah, I should put one on. Don't want to end up in one of those 'People of Wal-Mart' videos.


I haven't gone anywhere today. There has been no need for gussying up.  Maybe I should make myself presentable.  The Handy Man swears he doesn't care how I look. I think he lies a little. He's sweet like that.

Fine. I'll do my hair. And put on jeans. Woo. Don't get too excited.

Then, my daughter came in and informed me that she didn't need to go tonight.
Are you kidding me?
I fixed my hair, put on eyeliner and strapped on a bra. I even brushed my teeth.
Oh, we are so going.

How sad that going to Wal-Mart is the social highlight of my day.


  1. Hey, I didn't even get out to go to Walmart. -_- Good for you for going out. (:

  2. I would have been ticked off about putting on a bra for . . . nothing!!!

  3. Bwahahaha! You might get a kick out of this: Wal-Mart/Dollar Palace

  4. I can identify with this to an almost alarming degree...If Daughter-Only wants to go to the store and just run in, I will often make the mistake of thinking, "Oh, I'll just run down like I am" (and the way I most often am is sweatpants, T-shirt, no bra, hair wadded up into a VERY messy bun, etc) because I'm going to be staying in the car and who will see me anyway? Uh, yeah, turns out, quite a few people will walk right up to the door of my van to say hello--particularly when I'm dressed like that.


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