Blistering, Boiling, Burning

It's hot.

Our swamp cooler is limping along, trying to keep up with the rising temperatures.  The smallest exertion causes me to drip.  I don't want to do anything.  I don't want to clean. I don't want to cook. I want to lay on my bed, under my ceiling fan, and try not to move.

My house doesn't care that we're rivaling Hell today.  Dishes must be washed and floors vacuumed. I feel the bead of sweat as it travels down my back. I bend over and get drops on my glasses.  My hair, which I grew out for some strange reason, is always damp and begs to be put up off my neck.

The day finally ends and the Handy Man and I are lying on our bed atop the covers.  The ceiling fan brushes a slight breeze over my legs. I'm grateful that the sun has slid into slumber and the mercury is making its way back down. I close my eyes to enjoy the quiet.

But, it isn't quiet. Across the hall, one daughter is on her phone, exclaiming about the wonders of her new laptop.  Downstairs, the five boys are playing Monopoly.  Paying and collecting and trying to outwit each other. And, trying out new voices.  Outside my window, I can hear the other daughter on the tramp with her BFF.  They laugh and chat over whatever it is 16 year-old's are concerned with.

Part of me wants to shush them-- the Handy Man has to get up early.  But, I hold back.  They feel it, too, the sweltering crush.  The girls come home from camp all wilted and brown.  The boys try to explore outside and return with red cheeks and thirsty bodies.  Tonight, they're simply responding to the cooling air.  They want to play and just be, without the oppressing fever of the day.

I let them be. They will make their way to bed when their bodies tell them it's time.  Then we'll rest and recharge for tomorrow.  It's gonna be a scorcher.


  1. Come see us in the 113 degree heat -- we have a pool and a/c and you'll never know what's going on outside in our inside haven for the summer. When it's that hot you don't even try.:)

  2. 115 in Oklahoma last week - - not counting the humidity. Totally feel for ya!

  3. Rivaling hell...yep, that's a pretty good way to describe it. My A/C is keeping up pretty good though, and I just live down the street from you....feel free to drop by! We'll eat cookies and drink cold milk and complain about summer heat. :) (And I am completely serious about the offer!)

  4. LOve This Dear! i enjoyed seeing it, Thanks For Posting ♥


    If you have a minute, please check out my blog and follow me if you liked it. I'll appreciate it so much! Thanks!

    Blow a Rainbow

  5. Jewels - You WASHED THE FLOOR??? Honey, we gotta talk about priorities during scorchers. The floor doesn't even make the top 10. Stay cool!

  6. I'm a whiny slug about the heat. We have been spared most of the worst of it--regions around us have gotten it much worse--but the humidity...UGH. The only benefit of it as far as I've been able to discern is it makes me actually look forward to going to work, where it is beautifully air conditioned.

  7. Can I swop you?!?! I am sure after a few days I would let you have the sun back but we have had so much rain this 'summer' that I the only chance of a tan I have is rust ;-)

    Honestly I hope it has cooled down a little for you, too much of something is not good!


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