Do you know what happens when you have a whole quiver of children? You get used to that can't-move-without-bumping-into-someone feeling.  You accept the idea that your 'parents only' bathroom gets used daily by people who are way too young to procreate. And, when a couple of your kids are gone for a few days, you feel the need to fill in the space.

This causes you to, in a moment of 'I need more kids' weakness, allow your son to have a late-night.

I didn't have 'late-nights' as a kid. We just had good, old-fashioned sleep-overs.  My parents didn't care if they didn't know the other parents. Would we be sleeping in a bed or on the living room floor with 16 other stragglers?  Whatever.  Just be home by 10 in the morning.

Now, though, our world is a bit different. So, my son invited his 4, no 5, no,  6 closest friends (all boys but one girl- who has completely wrapped herself around my heart).  I baked brownies and popped popcorn before they arrived.

Lovely noise, where have you been?  I honestly love the sound of many children in my house.  The way they yell to be heard above each other.  Their squeals that bring me running to make sure it's play and not pain.
I like that my kids' friends like being here. I love looking out and seeing them all on the tramp.  (Tho' I'm in constant prayer that the thing won't rip in two.  It has some serious wear and tear- literal tears.  "Please, please, Heavenly Father, don't let that thing rip when a guest is on it. And, please don't let anyone break an arm doing flips."  I think God is interested in our lives and that He understands my concerns.  I don't want to go to church and have my neighbors whisper about how I'm the mom whose tramp broke Johnny's arm.)

They played cops and robbers, running through the streets and hiding from each other.  Then they came back, all breathless and sweaty.
Things are winding down.  They're playing LIFE and watching a movie. They've teased each other, eaten all the brownies and drank the soda.  Now, I can send them home so their own mothers can deal with the sugar high at 10:30pm.

Do you know what happens when you've had six extra kids for a few hours?  You feel satisfied, knowing you were the 'fun house' for one night.  Also, you get over the 'I need more kids' feeling.  And you start counting the days till school starts.



  1. You may have just inspired me to be the "fun house" some day. In the distant future. After I take some Xanax....

  2. You are a really cool mom! Sounds like it was fun but good thing school starts soon! =)

  3. Ok you are a braver woman than me! I am still recovering from my daughters sleepover last weekend :-/ but it was nice to be the cool mum for a few hours, until it was midnight and they still weren't asleep!!!

  4. hahaha! You are amazing Jewels. I loved this post, it's so happy and definitely brought a smile to my face. (: Thank you.

  5. Oh, sometimes I really miss those days--now it's rare for my four to be under the same roof at the same time, let alone a passel of extras. And while Daughter-Only can create quite a ruckus all on her own, it's just not the same. ;)


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