World on Fire

For a desert, our state is incredibly green.  I love our mountains, especially now that they're robed in verdant emerald.  Driving up the canyon is one of my favorite activities, passing the trees that line the road.
But, as the second driest state, we're dependent on our snowfall.  Every year, we wait with anticipation to see what our winter will bring.

Last year, our state received an abundance of snow.  Though I complained (A LOT), there was a positive side to our moisture- we live in a desert.  Last summer, we didn't have to hear all the warnings about  water usage or drought.  It was a nice break.

This year, our snowfall was less impressive.  Yet, our weather/water watchers assured us that because of last year, we were in good shape.  But, what happens when you have a good water year is that everything grows.  Then, when it's followed by a dry year, what happens is this--

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Yep, our state is on fire.  We currently have 10 fires burning.  It's as dry outside as my parched throat. When you drive around, you can see the yellow vegetation that is ripe and waiting for any kind of spark.  Our skies are a brilliant blue, without a rain cloud in sight.

Luckily, none of the fires have been near us.  We live close to the mountains, but we're far enough away that if we did have a blaze, we wouldn't be affected. Well, our house wouldn't burn. We're all affected, though.

On Sunday, our church congregations were asked to pray for those who were in the line of fire and those who are fighting them.  Here and all around the west, my heart goes out to everyone who has lost homes and property.

I wish there was something I could do.  There isn't.  Except prayer.

Pray for rain.


  1. Today Kowhai decided to fast and pray. I love that she's come to this decision on her own. Philip reminded me that Pres. Hinckley once said that if the people of Utah would pray for rain, it would come.

  2. And we got that rain today! Hallelujah!!

  3. It has been terrible watching and hearing about the fires in your state and elsewhere--such a frightening and overwhelming force. I am glad you and your family are relatively safe.


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