A Day of Rest?

Sundays can be challenging.  Getting a bunch of kids ready for church, that starts at 9am, is anything but peaceful. Especially when you have one that asks every Sunday- "Do I have to go to church today?"
What would make today different than any other Sunday for the past 9 years of your life?

Still he asks. And we struggle. And I'd like to say I never yell, not on a Sunday. But, I'd rather admit to yelling than lie.

Today, I sat in Sacrament meeting and realized something. I was grouchy. No, really.  Like  judging-my-neighbor-feeling-sorry-for-myself-why-did-they-pick-this-song grouchy.  So, I repented, and asked for help.

Then, one of the speakers was a man who has just recently started coming back to church. And, I was judgemental again. And, I sort of zoned out for a while. Then, something gave me a nudge and I started to listen.  He told about the changes he'd made and the love he has for the Savior and how he's devoting his life to Him. And, I felt the spirit and my grouchiness was gone.

Tonight, we went to Standards Night. This is a meeting we have yearly for the youth.  They have a guest speaker who talks about, well, our standards. It's always a great meeting, and I love going with my kids.  As we left the house, I thought, 'Bring tissues'. (Cuz, I'm a baby and cry at everything.) But, I didn't because usually they have a speaker who is funny, keeps the kids focused and engaged. The speakers were great, and funny, and I thought I was in the clear.  Then, at the end, they showed a video. Oh, great. I'm crying and have nothing to wipe my eyes except my skirt, and wouldn't that be awkward?

I tried to find the same video on youtube, but couldn't. I did find the same song, just a little different pictures. I also couldn't get it to upload here, so if you want to watch it, you'll have to follow the link. (I highly recommend it. Very touching and inspiring.)

I Am by Nichole Nordeman

Challenging or not, I do love Sundays.


  1. You're doing great. Yelling or no. I won't even hint at my poor mass record. Wait. I think I just did. And now I'm swearing. D'OH! Pray for me. I need it.

  2. We had protestors outside our building this past Sunday. Just a few, but still... And, gee, I don't remember EVER yelling on a Sunday! haha

  3. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....yelling occurs no matter what the day in our house Sunday is no different!

    The only thing more awkward than using your shirt to dry your tears is when your kids copy you and point out to whoever is close, 'well Mum did it!'

    Thanks for sharing.


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