Do You?

Do you go through a magazine back to front?

Does it seem odd that Dr. Oz presents a different diet/weight-loss miracle a couple times a week?

Does it seem odd that I've watched enough Dr. Oz to know that he promotes said miracles?

Do you feel bad for Robert Pattinson, who was cheated on by Kristen Stewert? (Twilight stars for all you folks who don't stoop to watching trash.)

Do you wish that they had made better Twilight movies, cuz you really liked the books, but the movies just suck? (Don't judge me--I read all the books and LOVED them.)

Do you ever try to convince your husband to call in sick just so you can spend the day with him?  Does he do it? (The Handy Man hasn't called in sick or missed a day of work in a decade.)

Does your child ask and ask and ask until you give in out of sheer frustration, and, to keep yourself from screaming and locking yourself in the bathroom?

Do you wonder what your dog thinks about?  Or if it bothers him that he always has hair in his mouth?

Do you think Ryan Lochte is much cuter than Michael Phelps? And do you wish he would have beat him a few more times?

Do you ever want to yell really loud in the library just to see the librarians faces?

Do you keep checking the calendar to see how many days till school starts?

Do you wish you had an ice cold diet Coke right now?

Do you ever try and try to think of a post and then settle for some dumb questions?

If you do-- then you're a lot like me.


  1. Yup, and I therefore I take the last one as a compliment.

  2. All of the above - - except I'd trade out a diet coke for a diet pepsi :)

  3. Diet coke, nah it never comes with a diet coke moment so it just leaves me with a little disappointment. Where does that guy in the adverts come from anyway??

    Give in to children for my sanity....all the time!

    And as a librarian....Sshhhhh!!!!!

    In answer to you question yes, if a visit one of you lovely ladies for inspiration doesn't work!

  4. I think I know what I'm doing next time I'm stuck. Sadly, I doubt my questions will be as funny. And yes, I totally feel bad for that guy from those vampire movies that I've never seen. But I do recognize the poor bloke from all my People magazines. He looks dreamy.

  5. 1. Sometimes. 2. I'm not all that enamored of Dr. Oz...not sure why. 3. But then, I've never actually watched him, only read his stuff in Oprah magazine. 4. Yes, I actually do feel really bad for Rob Pattinson. 5. And yes, I wish the movies were better. Because I too, LOVED the books...even though there has been a backlash and now it's not popular to say you actually enjoyed them. 6. Sometimes I can convince Bryan to go to work late or come home early. Actually, he did say he'd take a day off this week to hike Timpanogas. Probably because his business partner just took 10 days off for a vacation and we've gone next to nowhere. 7. I give in far more than I should. Dang it. 8. I don't have a dog. Bryan is allergic. I sometimes wonder what kind of conversations my 4 parakeets are having when they are chirping so loudly first thing in the morning (and waking me up...) 9. Yep and yep. 10. Hmm...maybe I should put that on my bucket list. 11. 15 more days.... 12. Ice water with lemon... ;) 13. At least you came up with a post. I've been stuck in a rut and posting far more infrequently than normal. Sigh.


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