Family Day at Camp Browning

On Saturday, the camp that Jake works at had a family day.
This meant we all got to go up and 
pretend to be Venturing Scouts.
(I've never been a scout.
Not even a girl scout. 
My mom wouldn't let me.
I have emotional scars.)

First, we shot bows and arrows.
Jake is the archery director.
He taught us all he knows. 

Something about men doing primal things--
very sexy.

Yes, that is me shooting a bow and arrow.
Katniss I'm not.

I did manage to hit the foam dear.
Not a kill shot, but, hey, he's foam.

Jacob--the expert.
He makes it look easy.

Then, we got to rappel.

"Don't look down, Max!"

Spencer looking like a pro.

Yes, that would be the Handy Man's butt.
Hunter didn't like the idea of going up.
He has a fear of heights.
I have a fear of falling.
 Then, we went to the COPES course.
(lots of climbing and balancing)
Hunter pushed past his fear and tried out the ladder.

Success is a great confidence booster!

Sadie the balancing lady.
Max is so natural at these kinds of things.
It's a bit embarrassing to the rest of us.

Spencer on the rope.
We had a great time,
but, we did come away with a few war wounds.

Spencer smashed his arm against the rocks on a climb.

The Handy Man bruised his arm while shooting
a 50 lb. recurve.
(That's fancy bow talk for a hard-to-shoot-bow.)

I bruised my hand.
Yes, it is purple.
I was, um, rescuing a squirrel that was trapped in a tree.
And, I was climbing...
Ok, ok, I fell.
While I was walking.
On a trail. 

Shut up.
It isn't funny.

It was a steep trail,
and the rocks were slippery.
And it hurt.
 A lot.

I shot a deer.


  1. hahahaha! Looks like you guys had fun. (:

  2. Woot! Woot! Grats on the deer. I love how you make me laugh. Sounds like this was an awesome day.

    1. I thought I did good with the deer, till my daughter shot a water bottle off the haystack. Showoff.

  3. The ending made me pee a little. Funny stuff does that. I had no idea you guys were actually the Swiss Family Robinson. Hope your hand feels better soon!

    1. Oh, no. I am not a survivalist, unless it's on a one-day basis. If I had to shoot something that was alive, we'd all starve.
      (My hand is better, thanks.)

  4. So as long as everyone got home with all their appendages still intact it sounds like a successful day to me. :)

    1. Yeah, no major injuries, thank goodness. Jake told us that this week a girl had a large rock fall on her head (she had a helmet!), so we got off easy.

  5. Julie, I think that's the first full body shot I've seen of you in a while. LOOKIN' GOOD!!! Woot woot! Oh and good shot, and way to go fellow klutz. I crashed my bike in Central Park. Still need to post to my blog.

  6. Looks like fun--and makes me want to get out there with a bow. Haven't done it in like eight or ten years, but used to be half-decent. Son-Two was obsessed for a was I when I was a kid.

  7. I am so jealous, I always wanted to try archery...not the heights thing...I am in awe of Hunter for pushing through the fear, not sure I could!

    As for your account of your injuries... funny!!!


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