Is anybody out there?

Sorry about my internet-absence. Between swimming lessons, summer band, picking up kids from camp, getting kids ready for college (ack! I'm too young to have college kids!), and my daily headaches, the computer has been sitting cold.  Well, except for the work on my book, which is going nicely. (big sigh)

I've missed reading your blogs and will be catching up soon. Until then, enjoy my favorite song of the week-

(My favorite part of the song begins at 3:00 minutes.)

...all we need is love!


  1. Ha! When I first read "...my computer's been sitting cold," I gasped. Truly. "Well, except for the work on my book..." Oh good. Phew. Yay for you still writing even though your life is ubber busy right now!

  2. I think we've all been a little sluggish reading and tending to blogs. Summer beckons.

  3. P.S. But you haven't been neglecting MINE, right? Right? Bueller?

  4. Sometimes life takes over. I wish I had your motivation to book it first, I always head here first then end up with no time. Maybe after the 25th I shall reprioritise!


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