A couple of my favorite Snapshots and my thoughts about them.

Heidi, Me, Ellen
Mesa, AZ 1971?

  • Do you see my face? No. Because I was so intent on my dive that I couldn't be bothered to smile for the camera. 
  • This was taken at my aunt's apartment, she and her husband were the managers. Going there was sooo fun! They were young newlyweds.  They sort of spoiled us.
  • I wish I could have that tanned, perfect skin again. 
  • Our heights have become the opposite--Heidi is the shortest, Ellen the tallest. I'm still stuck in the middle.
  • Doesn't it look like we get along so well?  Hehe. Oh, could we fight. We still call each other 'sissy kicker' as a joke. That's what we said when, in a desperate attempt to not get pummeled, one of us would sit in a chair and kick our legs at the attacker. Didn't matter what your sister called you, it worked!

Dad the dairy farmer
Declo, Idaho 1983

  • Dad is smiling. This must be before the milking started. He lost his patience with the cows a lot. You really can't blame him. Cows are famously stupid.
  • I hated having to help him milk.  Looking back, I should have enjoyed it.  It was great one on one time with him.  Even when the cows tried to kick me and I spilled the teat dip all over myself. (Okay,they weren't really trying to kick me, that was impossible from where they were. They just lifted their legs, but it always scared me.)
  • My brothers used to ride the calves. Not me. I avoided them at all cost. It was bad enough that I had to feed them every morning. 
  • One morning, I got up for school to find a calf in our kitchen.  She was born sick and it was freezing cold. So, dad brought her home, turned on the oven, opened the door, and laid her in front of it to keep her warm.  That was the worst our kitchen ever smelled.
  • This picture is a testament to my dad's work ethic. Over the years, he had many different jobs, but he always worked when he could. He wasn't 'above' anything. 


  1. Enjoyed the commentary as much as the snapshots. I've got you pegged as the serious one.

  2. The picture of your dad took me back to visiting my Grandparents and their dairy farm. One year a calf was not doing well, and I helped Grandma take care of it, and worry over it, but it passed away. It's a sad story, sort of, except I treasure that memory of working side by side with her. I was 9.

  3. My favorite picture of my sister and me was used as a cover for my short story collection, "All on a Summer's Day." I should post it on my blog. Like your snapshots.

  4. Cows ARE dumb! And swimming is important business! Nice trip...thanks for taking us along.

  5. I enjoyed this, a lot. I am not a cow fan, but I do like dairy products so I am happy that some people enjoy working with them.
    And the swimming thing, oh, I am still a serious swimmer, though you will hear me giggle a bit while I study my 'form'.

  6. Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing snippets of your life.

  7. Oh I LOVE this kind of stuff. Old pictures with the written memories behind them. Don't stop. Go on. More.

    xoxo Greedy Marianne

  8. These are terrific! Oh, and I'm trying not to be jealous of the dairy farm thing. :O)

  9. Thanks for sharing these pictures! Your Dad is so awesome and you were a super cute kid! I can only imagine growing up on a dairy farm with brothers! Nice post! ;)

  10. I love how pictures can hold so many memories. Thanks for the trip down your memory lane :-)

  11. Thanks for sharing these wonderful snapshots. I was about your size in 1971.

  12. Loved the pictures as well as the writing. So many memories. Lovely.

  13. Julie, That picture at the apartments had to be the summer of 1974. We didn't start managing the apartments until October of 1973 just a few months before Stacey was born. I remember those times--they sure were fun.

    Aunt Elaine

  14. I've been digging through old photographs a lot lately--bitten by the nostalgia bug yet again--though really (as I think I mentioned somewhere) I think I may just have been born with an overactive nostalgia gland. I'm an equal opportunity nostalgia-glutton and really enjoyed this glimpse into your nostaligic moments. :)


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