With Friends Like That

I grew up in the good old days. The ones where children roamed the streets all day and their parents had no idea where they were.  I played at any house with a child my age--even if my parents didn't know theirs.  I would wander home around lunchtime, if the strange mother of the house where I was playing didn't already feed me a PB&J (I'm sure kids had peanut allergies back then, but not once was I ever asked if I had one. I didn't, so it's okay.)  We played till the sun went down, then you'd hear the clarion call of the neighborhood-- "Timmy!  Sally! Jane! Come home!"

One of my favorite friends was Lisa.  She lived on the corner of my street.  My sister, Ellen, and I would go down to Lisa's house.  Sometimes we would play house or modeling (my dream was to be a supermodel, so glad that one came true.), but the best game we played was 'Queen'.

In this make-believe world, Lisa was the queen and we were her servants.  Why, you may ask, would we like playing servants?  Because Lisa had an interesting querk.
 She would eat ANYTHING.
No, really. Anything.  So, as her servants, we would make her meals and she would eat them.  How much fun is that?
Ellen and I would roam the yard, picking random berries and leaves and adding scoops of dirt.  We'd mix our concoction on a plate (Miracle Whip lid) and, then, take it to Queen Lisa, who was sitting on her throne on the porch.  We would watch with a mixture of horror and fascination (and just a touch of admiration) as she would eat every. last. bite.
What a great friend.

Today, I do not have friends who eat possibly poisonous berries.  But, I do have what others might consider not-you-normal-friendships. Yep, I'm talking about bloggers. I love my blogging friends. I spend time with them almost every day.  But, there are some difficulties when you cultivate these kinds of relationships.

And, it makes for some careful wording when you talk to people who don't frequent the blogging world.

"So, I was reading, um, I mean I was talking to this friend of mine. She wrote, uh, said the funniest thing."

My husband has gotten used to it.  He knows that when I talk about Marianne from Chicago, that I've never been to Chicago and that Marianne and I have never met. But, he indulges me when I say, "You know my friend, Marianne? She made me laugh so hard today that I snorted."  He realizes it was something she wrote and I read.  He doesn't even roll his eyes.  He's been with me a long time.

Others may not be so understanding.  They might be confused by my obsession with my internet friends.

"I was reading TangledLou's blog.  Oh, she got a new house and she wrote this amazing post about.  And, Tara, she found this stray cat, but then had to let it go.  It was so profound."

"Who are you talking about?"

"Well, you know. My blog friends.  Like Deb. She gave us a challenge to set a goal and accomplish it in 25 days. I'm totally doing it. And, Larissa just got back from Brazil.  She has the most amazing pictures."

"Jewels, you don't really know these people.'

"Yes, I do. I read their blogs and they read mine.  There's Judy, who is so strong she isn't afraid to express her views. And, Sleepy Joe, she lives in England. How cool that I have friend in England?  And, Masked Mom.  Her son just bought the cutest house."

"Wait, I know you've never been to England."

"Duh. I know that, too. We're blogging friends."

"These people are probably not what they say.  They're probably creepy old men pretending."

"Not true. I've met two of them. Deb from Kicking Corners is an amazing writer and a great conversationalist. And, Sarah, from the Best Stuff, is a singer. We're having lunch. Next week. So there."

They still wouldn't believe me, or understand. And, they'd probably talk about me as soon as I left the room. How I'm a bit delusional.  And, they'd probably plan an intervention.

That's okay.  I know real friends when I have them.
And, they don't even have to be a queen.

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  1. Julie, you really are a Jewel. I'm so glad I'm in your circle of blogging friends. This post sounds so familiar... My family knows you guys..
    "Remember Jewels? The lady who blogs, and she's writing a book and she asked me to read it for her and it's so exciting.." I think this community is wonderful. (:

    "I wonder what health problems Lisa has now" That killed me.

    1. I'm so glad your in my circle, too.
      I really have wondered about Lisa, but since my son went through a dirt-eating phase years ago, and he's healthy, Lisa is probably okay, too.

  2. I totally agree with you! Glad you are a friend I HAVE met in person! :D hugs!

    1. See, that was the first of the weird Lisa's I would know. =0)
      (Hugs right back at ya!)

  3. Bless you, Jewels. I understand this very well.
    By the way, I really am a creepy old man who is just pretending.

  4. Jewels you made me smile and tear up all at the same time. You guys are the most supportive people I have ever 'met' and yes my husband looks at me sideways with that look on his face 'who? have I met them?' whenever I talk about you.

    I have just realised why my writing has been so stunted over the last couple of months, I have missed you all too much!!

    And Lou...creepy old man or not you make me laugh, cry and think so I'm good with who ever you are ;-)

    1. I'm glad to know our little community helps you, I know it helps me.
      And, I agree about Lou, if a creepy old man can write like that, then keep it up!

  5. We could always have an intervention all together and oh, wouldn't that be so much fun? A bloggers' blogging intervention, and I can just imagine the wonderful stories we'd have to share.

    1. I think someone would have to intervene on our intervention!

  6. This one really made me laugh/snort out loud (and get a little teary-eyed as well). I also mask my funny stories from blog friends with "my COUSIN from ...er... TEXAS...wrote, I mean, TOLD me this really clever thing...." Nobody understands this world until you've lived it. I love my blog friends, too and thanks for the mention! I am truly touched.

    Prisoner #15684 (aka "Snake Eyes).

  7. Yup. Just yup. "My friend....I have this friend. We've never met. It's extraordinary." And somehow some of these relationships are so much more fulfilling than the ones in the staff lounge or the chit-chat at church. They stand emotionally closer to the good friendships I have with people forged over time in loving communities of faith, through passages of time, lived as children grow up and move away. Because my writing doesn't lie and neither does yours so we know each other pretty darn well. <3

    1. You put your finger right on it-- our writing doesn't lie.
      I've never had friends who really understood my writing (my passion for writing). So, for me this has been incredibly fulfilling and enriching.

  8. I blather on about all of you all the time, so I can totally identify with this post. And I'm really not an creepy old man, but sometimes I wish I were so I would have an excuse for being so late to comment on so many great posts. ;)

  9. I'm grateful for blogs. I think you and I have been able to know each other better because of blogging and I'm glad. Can you tell I'm playing catch up today?


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