A Toe Story

I was planning on writing a short story for the Write on Edge prompt (Clue) today. I got distracted.

See, three weeks ago, I rearranged my bedroom. In a fit of anger-driven energy, I moved my bed across the room and changed the placement of the desk, and added the extra dresser. I loved the way it looked. I loved that it gave us more room. I loved it. Until...

I had to make my bed. I may be a lousy housekeeper, but I make my bed every day. And, the new set up made it more than challenging. My side of the bed was against the wall, so I had to clamber across the mattress and sort of fling the sheets and comforter over. It was a joke.

Also, when I got on my bed, I had to crawl on from the bottom. It was dumb.

I put up with it because changing back would be a royal pain. And, I made this decision on my own, so sure that it would be great.  This morning, I decided I'd had enough. I admitted I was wrong, and began the process of changing things back.

I was moving along, the desk was halfway across the room, and I was scooting/shimmying the dresser.  In the middle of  a shimmy, the dresser came forward quite aggressively and smacked into my big toe.

I didn't swear. You'd be proud of me. I wanted to really bad.

I pulled off my sock and saw the blood. I sat down.  I held my foot. I groaned. Very, very, very carefully I pulled against my toenail.  It came away from my toe almost all the way down. Then, I laid down on the floor and rolled back and forth. I'm not sure if it was the way the nail was no longer attached, or the pain--mostly the pain.

I grabbed a couple of cheap, polka-dot bandages from my dresser (do your kids cry for a bandaid, then take it off 10 minutes later? Mine do. So, I buy very cheap, disposable bandaids for them. I also buy good ones, which I keep hidden for when someone has a real wound. Like a dislocated toenail.) and I wrapped the bandaids around my toe.  Then, I moaned some more. And, I texted the Handy Man. Not that he could help, but I thought it would comfort me to have his sympathy. It did.

So, instead of writing my story, or doing much of anything else, today I have babied my toe and sat with it elevated. I sipped diet Coke, popped ibuprofen,  and ate ice cream. (Proven medical treatment.)  Hopefully, it'll feel better tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad I read this AFTER I spent the last few days moving furniture for my parents...otherwise I would've been very paranoid. :) I'm SO sorry about your toe!

  2. :(
    Hope your toe gets better soon. Band-aids and I have become close friends. .. love the idea of polka-dotted ones!

  3. That is so grisly. I hope your toe feels better. Such a shame to mess up your pretty orange pedicure so.

  4. You have made me feel queasy. Ouch. You are excused from real writing for the day.

  5. Dang! I am unable to capture in words/letters the sounds I made as I scrolled down and saw that picture and read the details--so dang will have to do. You have my empathy as well as my sympathy and, in addition, you have inspired a few horrible toe-related flashbacks. ;)

  6. Thanks for all the sympathy and concern. My toe is doing better, though it's just a matter of time before I lose the nail. (My husband keeps suggesting I have a doctor 'rip it off'. Sorry, already did that and it didn't feel good. I'd rather give it time.)

  7. Owwwwwwwwwwwww!

    I commend your restraint, all forms of ill gotten language would have escaped my lips (scratch that it has in the past!!). Glad it is feeling better.


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