Scarlett stood in the back of a group of children. She wished she were in the front. The first kids always got the best hiding spots.  Her heart pounded at the thought of trying to find a place away from the searing eyes of Wolf. 

There he was in the corner.  Standing on his hind legs, walking like a man, Wolf turned his big eyes toward her.  He grinned, showing his pointed teeth.  He winked.

Scarlett shrunk back behind a tall boy who smelled like sweat. She hated this game. 


Just like that, they were off. The children scattered like so many cockroaches, running through the big house. Every place Scarlett looked was occupied.  She knew her time was running out, and her heart threatened to stop all together.

The library door was open and she hurried in.  She slid against the hardwood floor and pushed herself between the mahogany table legs.  Praying for the cover of darkness, she huddled as far back as she could. 

Footsteps.  No ‘ready or not’ for these players.  She recognized the tell-tale click of Wolf’s paws against the floor.  His snout appeared in the doorway and Scarlett flinched. The table moved and a candlestick clattered to the floor.

Scarlett closed her eyes. Maybe he wouldn’t see her. Wouldn’t smell her. Wouldn’t find her.

His furry grip made her yelp as he dragged her from her feeble spot.  “Every time, Scarlett.” He chuckled as he carried her past the relieved children who’d been luckier.

Scarlett hated this game. 

This was written for the Write on Edge prompt 'Clue'. I was to include the words 'scarlet, library and candlestick'. I did break one rule, it's four words over the 250 word limit. 


  1. This is intriguing and a neat twist on Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

  2. I like the combo of Clue with Red Riding Hood rewritten. It makes me wonder what happens when the wolf catches her since it is obvious this has happened multiple times. Well done.

  3. Oh, man, I thought he was going to eat her. :)

  4. I also love the combination of Red Riding Hood and Clue! The only concrit is that it took a second look to realize that Scarlett was one of the children, not an adult among children.

  5. I love this twist on fairytale here; it's unclear until the end exactly how worried we should be for her. Well done!

  6. OH! Scary! Very nicely done. I hate to think what might be in store for poor Scarlet... he can't eat her, otherwise, how would she experience this terror again and again?

    On the other hand, there are much worse things than death!

    I agree with the comment that Scarlet does appear to be NOT a child at first introduction.

  7. This is delicious. I'm sure you'll be forgiven the extra four words.

  8. I thought it was excellent and I had no trouble knowing Scarlet was one of the children. I wish I had your talent! Luz

  9. I am so glad you noted that this has happened any times before, I can try to convince myself that nothing bad will happen to her, I hope.....

    Excellent, think I should check out this prompt site!


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