What I Want to be when I Grow Up

I've been working on a birthday post, but until that's done, here's one written for the Write on Edge prompt for this week- 'What are your goals and aspirations for your writing?'

"Julie wrote a poem. Would you like to read it?"
These words were music to my ears. My parents, ever the supportive ones, would brag about my writing to friends and family.  I would shyly stand by, waiting, hoping, praying that someone would say yes.

From the moment I began writing, I wanted to share it. I never did it just for myself.  Like any art, it's meant to be enjoyed, and appreciated.  But, unlike other 'art', writing isn't as easy to share.  You can't frame it and put it on the wall, or sit down and play it for a crowd.  It was always awkward to try and share my gift.

Enter the blogging world. Suddenly, I had people reading what I wrote. And, some of them liked it. It was empowering. As my readership grew, so did my confidence.

My goals and aspirations for my writing?  It's the same as it was when I was a child-- to have it read. I have no delusions that everyone will like it. Critics? I'm sure I'll have them. But, as long as there are some who like what I do, that's enough for me.

As for fame and fortune--don't we all dream of that just a little bit, even if just in the backs of our minds?  Thinking that maybe, someday...

It isn't my goal though.  My goal is to be published. To see my work on a shelf, with cover art on a glossy book jacket, my name emblazoned across the front.  I walk through book stores with that dream in mind, seeing myself among the others, knowing I am 'in the club'.  I guess it's partly validation.  That achievement that says I am good enough.  I am talented enough.  I really can write.


  1. you and I have that same dream: to see my name on a cover of a book :)

    Good luck in your journey to reaching your goal

  2. Good luck, Jewels. And know something, that book with cover art on a glossy book jacket, your name emblazoned across the front ... will be on my book shelf somewhere ...(:

  3. Right there with you sister. Someday, my name, those shelves, the smell of books!

  4. I dream that too. We all must, or why would we share.

    Good journey to you!

  5. Yes you are and yes you can!

  6. I always find it rather ironic that we (and I include myself in this!) tend to seek validation for our writing through others but are strong, talented people who do not need it for other areas of our lives. But that feeling of seeing a work published must be awesome. Good luck and I can't wait to see your work published some day, hopefully soon!

  7. I will be buying a stack. Can you please make out the inscription to "My good friend Marianne who thought I was awesome even before the Pulitzer committee"?

  8. A worthy goal--and one I know you've really put in an effort to achieve. And I have no doubt that you will continue to grow as a writer as you work toward that goal and even after you achieve it.

    Sign me up for one of the first copies off the press. ;)

  9. I have to admit to being just a little envious that you have such a clear goal to your writing and that you have always wanted to share it, something I really struggle with although I have come to writing later than you.

    PS can't wait to see the glossy cover, I'm excited for you ;-)


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