September Song

September came and went on the wings of a hawk. It started out slowly, gently teasing me with the promise of a new school year and time to myself. Up, up the days went, the wind blowing away the hurt and heat of summer months.  Then, with abandon, it soared down.  Faster and faster the days sped by, until, suddenly it landed with a flutter of feathers and I tore off my calendar page to face a new month.

I love September.  My birth month, I have loved it since the days that it brought balloons and streamers, cake and gifts. It always meant new beginnings.  New school, new teacher, and best of all, brand new school supplies. *sigh* I still get a thrill from the notebooks and pencils that are offered for me to fill with new words and ideas.

September is a good month for family.  I spent precious time with my sisters. We went to the fair.  We roamed through booths selling fattening food and 'can't-live-without' products.  We admired the calves and the lambs and reminisced about our days on the farm. We sampled perfume and chocolate and stayed up late talking and laughing.

Who doesn't need a  brick of curly fries?

If the Handy Man ever leaves me, I can always
call Creepy the Clown.

I should've taken a picture BEFORE we
ate half of it. (It was a funnel cake.)

My favorite women.

September is a good month for celebrating. The Handy Man took me out (twice).  We went to dinner and a movie, and then to lunch on my actual birthday.  He loves spoiling me and I love letting him. He gave me my best gift. A new set of scriptures.  My others were a decade old and showing their age.  He bought me some that have larger print,(that my younger self would have scoffed at, but that my more mature self appreciates very much).  I love the clean pages that are just waiting for me to read and mark.

September is a good month for healing. Healing my toe-- which is better, but really ugly.  Healing hearts from past hurts. Looking forward to better days.

This picture really doesn't do it justice.
The colors are so vibrant.

Mother Nature loves September, too. She dresses her in her finest colors and blesses us with the cool, crisp mornings and warm, lazy afternoons.  It's like she's taking a breath, a short break between the sweltering summer and the harsh winter ahead.

It's a good month to sit back, relax and enjoy.


  1. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a blast. Love the curly fries brick . . . hate the clown :(

  2. Would you believe I haven't been to the fair since I was in high school? Every year I say I'm going to go and then every year I don't. I'll for sure go next year....

    I think it's great that your birthday month is your favorite. Not so with mine. My birthday is in August. But summer is my least favorite season of the whole year. I think November is my favorite month...maybe January. I do like my birthday, of course. (Well, I might not like it next year...the big four-oh and all). And at least it's at the END of the summer. Maybe I can think of it as celebrating all the summer fun we had, the beginning of the end to the heat and the anticipation of fall, my favorite season. :)

    Glad that for the most part you had a good September. I hope October is even better. And I'm envious of your new, larger print scriptures!! :)

  3. My heart did a hug at this sweet and soft, and just what I needed to help me start off my day.

    And then your background? Love that too, in a completely different way. September's lovely, like you say, but your background makes me excited for October. So fun!

  4. I'm glad you had a grand birthday month, and for the record, I find a half-eaten funnel cake more appetizing than a perfect, untouched one. Ask my husband. The man walks away from his funnel cake for two seconds and GONE!

  5. Glad you had such a wonderful month. The creepy clowns heart-shaped balloon reminds me of the time a competing flower shop in town filled their display window with those balloons (filled with regular air, not helium) in pink, white and red for Valentine's Day. They put them an enormous pile of them in the window a good two weeks before the holiday and by the time the holiday came around, the balloons had started to deflate a little so there were little nubs on the twin tops of all the hearts--suddenly this pile of heart-shaped balloons began to resemble a pile of a whole other body part.

    I always think of the fall leaves as nature's advance apology for the upcoming winter weather.


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