The Baby is on a Diet

My girls.
This picture has nothing to do
with this post, it just makes me happy.
"Discouragement is like a baby. The more you feed it, the bigger it grows."

This is the first of two thoughts that have been mulling in my mind.  Let me tell you, I've been force feeding that baby for the last few days.  I've sort of reveled in my depression, holding tight to it, using it as an excuse for letting the laundry pile up and ignoring people.  While my situation hasn't really improved, I've decided I need to 'snap out of it' and get on with living.

One of the reasons for my decision is the second thought that my brain has been tossing around. It's one that I heard years ago at an Education Week seminar.  It was given by Richard and Linda Eyre, two very knowledgeable and wise teachers.  They said that when something bad happens, or we feel depressed, we go on a downward spiral, and that we have to reach the bottom of that spiral before we can start working our way back up.  If we get stopped in the middle of the spiral by someone trying to get us out, we may feel a bit better for a while, but we will have to continue that downward turn until we actually reach bottom.

Today, I hit bottom.

I feel awful for the neighbor who came over.  She was offering help, and I'm sure, had no idea the blubbering mess I would become. Seriously, I was a freak. I cried.  I wiped my nose, tucked my hair behind my ear, looked away, and then repeated the process, all while nervously shaking a leg. Holy Crap!  I'm surprised she didn't turn and run out the door.  She's an older woman and so very kind.  She listened and encouraged me and even gave me a hug. After she left, I shuddered when I realized how I behaved.

But, after a bit more of the crying (alone this time) I pulled myself together.  I've cleaned my room, organized the bills (which I've been avoiding) and even put on a bra. The laundry isn't done, but I'm working on it.

And, I'm here.

Thank you for all the encouraging comments and for not giving up on me. I have the best friends ever.

Tomorrow, an announcement. Not a big surprise, if you know about November, but, still.

Have a great Monday.

(To any friends in the path of Sandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Be safe.)


  1. The bra thing is a little over the top . . . I take mine off whenever possible :) I love the Eyres. And what beautiful girls you have. We should go see Les Mis together so we can feel better our our lives. haha

  2. Mommy, I love you :) 22 more days till I can hug you. Keep smiling.

  3. I agree you should go see Les Mis with Judy. I can't wait to see it! Also, you are lucky to have those 2 cute girls!
    I hope our bit of creativity later this week will help you feel happier. It will be fun! =)

  4. Can't wait to hear your announcement! I also think you should see Les Mis. It will make you feel better, because Hugh Jackman. Or maybe that's just me, ha ha.

    Anyway, I hope to see you sometime soon, especially since we didn't get to meet up last month! I hope you keep feeling better!

  5. Are you like me? Fine at keeping a straight face (or at least thinking I am) until someone says the immortal words, 'are you ok?' For me that is my cue to turn into a blubbering mess regardless of location (usually the middle of work - not a good look!!)

    That spiral sort of sounds like a helter skelter and I sure hope that you can climb those stairs to the top again. For me the best bit was always the view from the top ;-)

    PS Like we would ever give up on you, I'm just sorry that there is a huge ocean in the way and I can't run round give you a hug and do the laundry for you (not that mine is ever done but I'm better at helping other people out than doing my own!). Hold onto the happy things and keep fighting, it is worth the effort :-*

  6. Hugs! I love your posts and even when I don't comment I'm always lurking nearby! You are a dear friend to me and I love you!

  7. Julie, I am sorry you are having a bad time!! Wish we were closer so I could help out. I love you so much and want you to be happy. Love, Mom

  8. Again, as so often, I can so identify. I'm really glad to see you back.

  9. I am glad for your wonderful neighbor. I would have hugged you too, handed you tissues, and then gone into a lengthy explanation of why the Irish drink during such moments.

    You are talented and accomplished beyond words, and I will keep telling you this until you believe me. I'm a little crazy that way.

    Much love!



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