A House Full of Boys equals This

Last week, we had a snow storm.
My kids wondered aloud about snow in October.
Utah is like that, I explained.
The day after, my two youngest got creative.

The Handy Man (who was outside while they built their ramp)
said that he considered stopping them.
It wasn't exactly safe.
But, he applauded their ingenuity,
and let them be boys for a while. 
Luckily, no one got hurt.
And, the next day, the sun melted it away. 


  1. Snow! Snow! Snow! ... I agree.. already?

    Props for creativeness! (:

  2. Sometimes it is just great to watch them be! It's starting to get really cold here too ;-)

  3. It's good to be a kid. :O)

  4. Why aren't those kids wearing bubble wrap?

    Yes, I'm still working on the 3 boy thing....

  5. Ah, the risk-benefit equations of life with children. I remember those days well. (Now they do all the equating for themselves and the math doesn't always add up in Mom's book.) Looks like they had fun!


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