Ding-dong, Ding-dong

I love Christmas music.  I've been known to start listening to it in October November. Some songs are better than others, though.  I refuse to listen to Jingle Bell Rock, or Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. Maybe I have some deep-seated issues with rocks?  Here's some other songs and my thoughts about them.

Santa Clause is Coming to Town- so are your in-laws. Better get cleaning.

Blue Christmas- Not here. We have two choices- white or butt-ugly brown.

Deck the Halls- you know, the halls are the one place around here that doesn't get decked.

Holly Jolly Christmas- I know Holly.  The reason she's jolly has nothing to do with Santa and everything to do with Jack Daniel.

Must Be Santa- or maybe it's the Handy Man, can't be sure.

The Twelve Days of Christmas- Why 12? Why not 25?  I think the song writer was lazy.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year-  It is, for retail and school teachers.

Up on the Housetop- Holly, get down from there, right now!!

All I Want for Christmas is You- Oh, no. Don't do it. He'll put a bow on his head and sit by the tree. Tell him you want diamonds. Or a cuisinart.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas- Beginning?  The stores have had decorations up for months!

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus- You didn't see any more than that, did you?

Do You Hear What I Hear- I hear a lot of whining.

I'll Be Home for Christmas- But, I'm sending my kids to Grandma's.

*What's your favorite Christmas song?*


  1. The title made me want to start singing "ding dong the witch is dead" :) although that's not really a Christmas song, is it?!

    1. Could be, depending on who the witch is.

  2. Hark the Herald Angels Sing-Who is Harold and why does he get to be an angel? What does this have to do with Jesus, anyway? Is he unknown disciple?

  3. I really like your funny takes on the songs. What? No "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" or "Santa Baby"? My all-time favorite Christmas songs are "O Holy Night" and the "Hallelujah Chorus". The all-time worst has got to be the one of the barking dogs.

  4. I really like "Carol of the Bells" and "Baby It's Cold Outside" gets stuck in my head EVERY year.. by the time it gets unstuck from one season the next one is right around the corner.. *sigh*

    Thanks for the smiles! :)

  5. For me it all depends on who is singing the song....I am a sucker for the Buble rendition of Jingle Bells. But now I have 'Baby it's cold outside' stuck in my head too, cheers Larissa ;-)

    Funny post, missed you :-*

  6. This is horribly embarrassing to admit but for several years in a row, I was known to put Britney Spears's "My Only Wish (This Year)" on repeat. There's something almost obscenely infectious about it.

    (I thought I was fully recovered, but just the mention of the song made me go to YouTube and guess what is playing as I finish this comment?)

    Regarding the merchandising trick of pushing the holiday for months in advace: Hubby and I were out shopping on Saturday and I saw a display of Cadbury Creme Eggs & Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs--EASTER candy on DECEMBER 15!!!!!


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