Do You Take Advice?

21 years ago today, I was a one excited girl.  The flowers were paid for, the cake made and my dress altered.  Best of all, I was going to marry my best friend.

We went out to dinner at Pizza Hut, and then he dropped me off at my parent's house.  The Handy Man went to our apartment where he'd been living for a week.  I know I slept that night, though I'm not sure how.

If I could go back and give that girl advice, I'm not sure what I'd tell her. She's never been very good at taking it.  I might tell her to read this blog post by Single Dad Laughing.  It's great.

I guess I have some ideas about how to make a marriage last. And, in celebration of our anniversary, I'll share them tomorrow.

Until then, here's a few pictures from the big day.  I try not to look too close at how young I was. *sigh*

At the temple.
Do I look tired? Not really, I just cried all my makeup off.

Mmm, cake. We didn't even get a piece.
(Does that make you sad, Marianne?)


  1. NO CAKE??? And it was STILL the happiest day of your life?? How can that be???

    He must be one special guy. But I suppose he didn't do so bad for himself either.

    Thank you for sharing. (:

    xoxo Marianne

    1. What's really sad, is that the Handy Man's aunt made the cake and she's well known for making delicious ones. We were too focused on the wedding night to worry about cake.

  2. You look so happy, young and full of promises about to be fulfilled. It's nice to know they were. Despite the cake thing.

    1. Trust me, I've had plenty of cake since then!

  3. I never got a piece of our wedding cake either! And I was so specific when I ordered it, thinking ahead of how delicious it would be. I didn't realize how joyful I would be at our reception, how we would visit with our friends and family, without a single thought of sitting down for cake!

    1. Yeah, I had one of the cream puffs we served, but no cake. We did save that top layer, but never ate it.

  4. What a beautiful beginning of a beautiful union. My mother planned most of my wedding because all I really cared about was being married, not how I got that way. It was still nothing fancy but MUCH fancier than I would've preferred. I guess the important thing is that it "took" and here we are 25 years (and counting) later. :)

  5. No cake? I could live with that. No one buying me a drink, that I still haven't often over!

    Ps you look gorgeous ;-)


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