Love Week- A Love Story

(Disclaimer- I haven't read any popular, erotic fiction. Any similarities would be purely coincidental, and quite surprising. This is just my way of breaking up all the gooey sweetness of this week's posts.)

Two Shades of Black
( -CarolinaJG

Aramalina Flint looked into Presbyterian Black's eyes. Oh, his eyes. She could get lost in them.
"Wait. Where am I?"
 Oh, right, his eyes. He touched her hand. She shivered. Dang, it was so cold tonight.
"Why didn't I wear a jacket?"
"I don't know," Presbyterian responded.
"Oh, sorry. That was supposed to be a thought."
"You think?"
He shrugged then leaned toward her.
Aramalina giggled.  Presbyterian came closer and kissed her porcelain cheek. She giggled again.
"Is something funny?" He purred.
"Well, first, you sound like a cat. And, also, your long eyelashes tickled my face."
"Dang. These darn eyelashes. I can't tell you how many relationships they've ruined."
Her heart was overcome with pity for him. Aramalina put her hand to his flowing blond hair, then pulled it back.
"Hmm. I'd have guessed it was the greasy hair that ended them."
Presbyterian turned away from her.
"Oh, Presby, I'm sorry." Aramalina wiped her hand on her jeans.  Gingerly she put her hand on his shoulder. Whew, clean.
"I love you, Ara." He said as he looked at her again.
"And, I you."
"You I?"
"No. I, you."
"You what?"
"Oh, never mind. Just kiss me again."
He leaned over her, ever so slowly, his lips ready to touch hers. Just as she could smell the hint of his Polo cologne, a drop of grease dripped on her lip.
"Yeah, I'm outta here."
Aramalina turned and walked away, not looking back to see the tears that fell from Presbyterian's long lashes.

(Hope you had a love and chocolate filled Valentine's Day! )


  1. Ha ha! I love your writing and your blog!

  2. Ok - now I'm dying for your book. Still keeping my fingers crossed!!

  3. Lmao, so much funnier than popular erotic fiction!!!

  4. Having read an example of popular erotic fiction, I can tell you that this is Pulitzer worthy in comparison. ;)


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