The Things I Dream

That they will be happy,
and confident.

That the draw of home
will be stronger that the pull of the world.

That their minds will be full of memories--
happy, silly, and overflowing with laughter.

That they will accept others as children of God.

That their testimonies of Jesus Christ will be strong.

That they will have families of their own.

That they will never doubt who they are.

That they will give me grandchildren, so my home
is never completely quiet.

That love will be the overriding motivator 
in everything they do.

(This post was inspired by the prompt from GBE2- BlogOn.  This week's prompt was 'Dream'.)


  1. Dreaming the same things too... We can only dream, hope and pray for our loved ones.

  2. A beautiful glimpse into a mother's heart. Thanks for sharing, Jewels.

  3. The very best kind of dreams. May they all come true.

  4. YUP!!!!!1 seeds have been planted and watered WELL!!! :0)

  5. I think we have a good shot at making our dreams the same as our children's provided they don't push our kids to where they don't want to go.

  6. Yes, I have those same dreams for my children... :~)

  7. Jewels how you see into my heart and dreams and put it into beautiful words ;-)


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