Frantic Friday Flashback- or- What I Didn't Accomplish This Week

I have high hopes for myself. Every week begins with me telling me that this week will be different. This week I will blog, and write, and just be an all-around amazing mother to my kids.

Sadly, reality rarely meets up with my expectations. (I also expect to lose 5 pounds each week without dieting or exercise, so you see, there's a trend.)

This week, (wait, let me check my phone/calendar) my to-do list included the following items-

  • call about campsite for the 4th of July
  • babysit twins on Wednesday
  • call about temp job
  • buy groceries
  • make fabulous meals for the family
  • write four blog posts
  • work on book editing daily
  • do laundry every day
  • exercise!
Not bad, really. I mean, I'm a grown up. I can do this stuff. I have time. I'm disciplined. (OK, I got ahead of myself. I'm so NOT disciplined.)

Here's what I actually did this week-

  • called about temp job (even had my assessment, and guess what? I'm fit to do menial labor. woohoo!)
  • babysat twins (they're almost three. My day was filled with, 'don't touch that' and 'please, get down from there'. But, in exchange I get a free massage, so, totally worth it!)
  • got up on Thursday to see Max making toast for breakfast because I forgot to get groceries and we were out of milk. I wonder if our city would allow us to have a cow in the backyard? 
  • made meals, maybe not fabulous, but mostly tasty. Hey, you ever tried cooking for nine? It's exhausting. And expensive.
  • Thought about blogging. Read lots of blogs. Wished I were as clever as other bloggers. 
  • Had great intentions of editing.  Did it one day. Then I watched Let's Make a Deal. (Some chick won $50,000!)
  • decided I need to go on a game show.
  • Did laundry. It's sitting on my bed. The puppy is sleeping on it. I can't very well fold it and wake him up, can I?
  • Exercised a couple times. I tried a new Zumba dvd. Felt pretty awesome till the next day when my back muscles screamed, 'What the hell are you doing?' Then, I used that as an excuse to lay on a heating pad and watch Price is Right
  • I REALLY need to go on a game show.
  • Also, I completely forgot about Max's school program till he reminded me the day before. He said he was a bear and I freaked out at the thought of coming up with a bear costume. Luckily, no costume was needed, just a white shirt, which it took me a good 30 minutes to find. The program was, well, a 4th grade program. But, Max totally rocked it as a cardboard bear!

The next couple weeks are filled to the brim with stuff. I have my very first writing conference (so excited), BYU Women's Conference, a rehearsal for Listen to Your Mother, and the performance of Listen to Your Mother.
Blogging? I'm not making any promises.

And, speaking of LTYM, if you haven't got your tickets, there's still time! It's gonna be great, I promise! Did I mention that 10% of the ticket sales go toward the Utah County Children's Justice Center? Well,they do, so not only do you get a night of great entertainment, you get to help a very worthy cause! Get them HERE.


  1. Congrats on the conference. I don't even make list anymore, I just try to get crap done and if not I act like the "list" was finished for that day/week/month. lol

  2. It's killing me I can't see you on stage! Counting down to the YouTube unveil!!

  3. Besides the temp job and the book editing, I am pretty sure we have the same list, even down to the reserving of camp sites, which is an important job within itself. I did 2 days in a row of an Ab Muscle Pilates DVD. Then my Ab muscles hurt, and now I am done.

    Good Luck at LTYM!


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