Longing for a Closed Door

My garage has become a graveyard. For a week it housed not one, but two dead dryers. I tried to keep the door closed. No need for my neighbors to wonder about whether I'm developing appliance-hoarding tendencies.  We got rid of the dryers. Hallelujah. We can park both cars again.

Then my car died.

It's been sitting in the garage for four weeks. It blocks my path to the 'storage wall'. That's the place where we stow all of our very-important-totally-necessary-never-to-be-thrown-away junk. I add to and take away from that wall on a fairly regular basis.  So, I've been tossing stuff on top of my car. What? It's not like it's going anywhere.

 Then, the Handy Man stopped parking his car in the other stall, I'm not sure why. But that has led to me tossing stuff onto the garage floor. That led to my children following my very excellent example. Now, we have a broken bed frame, an extra mattress, three bikes (one of which is in riding condition), a box of wood, and a bag of clothes.  It's very attractive.

What frustrates me is that I have to close the garage door about seven times a day. Why are you people even opening the door? I'll tell you why. Because they don't want to walk up five stairs from the family room to get to the front door. Seriously.

Instead, they go through the garage, risking life and limb by climbing over the piles of junk, then disappear into the neighborhood. All the while, leaving the garage/junkyard wide open for all to see. I can only imagine the gossip flying around our street.

"Did you see Jewels' garage? Someone needs to tell her about spring cleaning."

"Did you hear about Jewels? She's become a hoarder. It's finally spilled over into the garage. They can't even park their car in there."

Maybe I could string some crime tape over the opening. Give them something new to gossip about.

This would all be solved if my kids would close the stupid door.

(Today's One Word Wednesday word was 'longing'. Courtesy of  the GBE 2 Blog Prompt.)


  1. hahaha! I visualize every single word you write. And I empathize. Seriously. I'm sorry about your car. The one that died recently. I hope it can be revived. AND, on the down low - - I know someone who might be able to help you with your hoarding problem. Call me.

    1. Really? What I need is a truck, we live right by the dump.

  2. Oh my!! hahahaha! The description of your garage sounds eerily familiar to mine! Well, until I got totally sick of it one day and did some deep, deep cleaning and de-junking. Now, amazingly enough, we can fit 3 cars in our 3 car garage! But it's tight. This past week Kaysville city dropped off another recycle can in front of our house. Which means we now have 2 regular garbage cans, one for recyclables and another for green waste. FOUR. And the HOA is against leaving garbage cans out in front of your house.... so Rebekah is now parking her car in the driveway so I can park the garbage cans in the garage instead. Something seems wrong with this picture.....

    1. I hate HOA's. We had one in our last neighborhood. I'll admit, we have been guilty of leaving our garbage cans out on the street all week. (Means I don't have to drag them out on Friday.)

  3. I like the crime scene tape idea! And I wouldn't think you were hoarding, I would think you are spring cleaning and moving stuff to the garage. =)
    Sorry about your stinkin car!

  4. Um... last I checked, this is what garages are for. Garages aren't something you're supposed to clean, are they? If so, that's most definitely man's work.

    Love the picture you paint and it's all so oh-so-realistic. Especially the not wanting to walk up five stairs part. So real.

  5. I hope your car can be fixed. Enjoyed your post 'cos I can relate to it!

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  7. At least there's a door! I have a carport, so no storing junk outside for me, ha ha. You are hilarious and I can't wait to see you next week!

  8. LOL yup crime tape will do it. You have tolerance..at least you are at peace with it!!

  9. My garage groans and makes noises. I think it's about to burst. And it hasn't seen a car in 7 years.

    Awesome post.

  10. Hmmm...I know the feeling. Unfortunately the hoarding has spread to the entire house. I rarely let people in because it embarrasses me to no end. Purging helps but the stuff continues to come out of the walls. Someday it will be all gone...I hope.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks for reminding me why I should be glad I don't have a garage. :)


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