All by Myself

I don't know why my kids get upset over getting sent to their room.

"You stay home from church and you will spend the entire day in your room. Alone."

 This is a serious threat. One that causes much introspection-
-sitting three hours in church, trying to be quiet and not make farting noises with my armpit.
-spending the whole day in my room where I can make all the fart noises I want, but with no one to hear them.

It's a dilemma. For a 9 year-old boy.

Not for me.

Give me any choice and lay it up against spending an entire day alone, it's a no-brainer.

Send me to my room.

And, for heaven's sake, lock the door!

Yesterday, without even being naughty, I got my wish. I spent the whole day- All. By. Myself.

Long story short- I was going to Utah county twice in a week and decided to make it one long trip instead of two short ones. (I'm really good at math, can you tell?)  So, I called my sister and begged and pleaded for her to let me stay. (Not really. I didn't have to beg. Cuz she likes me. A lot. Can you blame her?)

So, Wednesday morning I woke up to a state prisoner's nightmare and my heaven- solitary confinement.  Of course, inmates don't get to have their sister make them breakfast before work, and they probably don't have a big TV to watch.  Also, I doubt they get to paint their nails or dance around the house to Rascal Flatts.  But, I did.

Funny how life changes your perspective. Just like I used to hate brocolli and naps, I can now appreciate being all alone. No fingers under the bathroom door. No emergency trips to the school to deliver homework or tampons. (Not kidding, people.) No "make me a sandwich" or "come put your password in the computer" or "why aren't there any bananas?"

Just me, my computer, a TV and a fridge filled with food and diet Coke. I may never go home.

(PS- If you haven't seen it, check out my spotlight on LTYM!  Just one week away! Tickets are still available!)


  1. If you get bored, feel free to swing by and visit! Honestly, that sounds like heaven!

  2. That sounds so lovely.. I get that once in a while when everyone goes shopping and I stay home. It's nice to have sometimes.. very nice. :)


  3. I agree wholeheartedly
    congrats for your LTYM !!

  4. Yay I'm so glad you decided to do the long trip! You totally deserved the solitary confinement piece of heaven. Love this post.

  5. a state prisoner's nightmare and my heaven- solitary confinement.

    hahaha! Love it!

  6. So jealous, but mostly so very, very excited for you. For so many reasons. You da bomb.


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