One Word Wednesday- Lottery

The Powerball jackpot has reached $360 million.

Three. Hundred. Sixty.


I'm thinking that might be enough for me to live on. Comfortably.

I'm also thinking about what I could buy with that much money.

I'd like a new car. I know, I know, I just got one. And I love it, I do. But, even my new-to-me Sienna has a few drawbacks. Like the fact that three kids have to sit next to each other. This results in the whole- "He's touching me" issue. Forget that they will fall asleep on the same couch, arms and legs draped over faces- even the slightest graze of a finger in the van is horror.
I'm thinking something like this-
Then, the kids get, not their own seat, but their own row.

Of course, with that kind of money, we'd get a new house. Eight bedrooms would be nice. And a bathroom for each one. But, there's no way I'm cleaning that many bathrooms that are used by boys.   I'll have to have a maid, or two. One to do general cleaning, one who's job it is just to clean the toilets-- in, on and around. It may take most of the $360 million just to pay her. It'd totally be worth it.

I'm not sure what else I need. I could probably get some ideas from those who already have loads of money.

I heard once that Oprah gets a daily massage. Yep. That's on the list.

Celine Dion bought a $2,000,000 humidifier. If it made me sing like her, I'd get it.

Johnny Depp and Leonardo Dicaprio both own islands. I'm not sure I need an island. "But, you could walk around naked," you might argue. Yea, unless my money can also buy me a swimsuit model's body, I don't even want to do that on my own private island.

Donald Trump has a mobile champagne cooler. Seriously? I'd use mine for diet Coke, of course. Ice cold carbonation whenever I want? That's luxury.

Mariah Carey has over 1000 pairs of high heals. I have one. One pair. And, I can only wear them for the three hours I'm at church. I would, however, love 1000 pairs of socks. All the same color, so I never have to match them again.

I guess my needs are pretty basic. And, since Utah doesn't take part in the lottery, there's no chance I'll win. I'll keep my dreams of a spacious car and a maid in my head.  They're about as likely as me sounding like Celine.

What would you buy?


  1. I'd tithe, invest in property, buy a plane so I could go visit grandma any time I wanted, and build myself a library like the on in Beauty and the Beast.

    1. I kinda answered it post-length. I hope you don't mind. I linked back. :)

    2. Mind? Of course not! (And, I absolutely love that you mention tithing first.)

  2. A house on acres and acres of wooded land with some kind of water (creek, river, pond, lake, whatever) and a horse barn. Horses for me and four wheelers for Will. Someone to take care of the horses so I don't have to. An awesome cook. Also a maid, but since I have girls, I guess I only need one, ha ha.

    1. Oh, yeah, a cook. That would be nice.

  3. I'm gonna send you some positive mojo and all I want in return is a new minivan with one of those cameras so you can make sure you're not backing up on any children or racoons. Deal?

    Good luck!

    1. My 'almost new' van that we just got has one of those cameras. It's awesome. I'll totally buy you one.

    2. Much obliged. And I won't even be jealous right now that you have that coveted camera - those are da bomb!

  4. Ha! So much of what you write I can relate with...having grown up in a family of 8 kids. I love how you pointed out that your kids will sleep all over each other but can't stand a single touch (or even a look) in the car. I remember that. How did my parents handle it!?

    You are hilarious. My mom is still telling people about your LTYM essay.

    And if I had millions of dollars, I'd throw BIG parties everyday!

    1. Your mom is now my favorite! And, I would come to your daily parties!

  5. Of course I'd buy $360 million more lottery tickets!! ;)


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