One Word Wednesday- Moderation

As much as I've enjoyed the comments about solar energy and my upcoming dinner with Santa, I've decided it's time.

Comment moderation.

I didn't think I'd ever do it. I love getting comments and didn't want to mess with it. That's until the Russian spam-bots discovered my blog.

Their web addresses don't even make sense. I never clicked on them, terrified of the apocalypse that would surely happen to my laptop if I did. I would just delete them with a chuckle. (The first one honestly made me a bit giddy- Spam! I've arrived.)  They aren't funny anymore.

So, I did it. I hope you'll continue to comment and as long as you aren't warning me about the perils of laundry soap, I'll put it right up.


  1. I had to do the same. There seems a marked uptick in all this nonsense. My favorite are the spam comments complaining that they subscribed to follow-up comments and they are getting a lot of spam email as a result, oh, and by the way, check out my website:: cure adult acne...

  2. Yep, I just did this too. This week. I am getting 10 spam comments for each real one. It's just a bit depressing, actually, the level of interest my blog generates among those looking for "more information" on "this topic," which I assume to be the topic of not knowing anything.

  3. I don't get any spam comments. Apparently I have not arrived....


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