Our minds are capable of much. Our spirits are valiant and strong. But, life has a way of wearing us down and sometimes, we simply need a tune-up.

 I spent most of last week away from my family. I left on Tuesday and didn't come home till Saturday. During those four days, I spent time with my new, fabulous friends, with my sisters, some time all alone, and two days surrounded by twenty thousand other women.

Want to know what heaven sounds like?
I think it sounds like 20,000 women singing together.

 All of it- amazing.

Years ago, this kind of week would have sent the Handy Man into a panic. Now, after all these years, he understands that sometimes I simply need a break. He knows that I will in fact miss him (and the kids), but I will not call every hour, or even every day. (I texted him daily, so he wasn't completely abandoned.) Most importantly, he knows I will come home a 'new woman'. I will be ready to face the daily task of caring for our children and our home and him.  In other words, the sacrifice is worth the reward.

After my day alone, I went to BYU Women's Conference. This is my fourth year attending, and it never disappoints.  This year, I went to classes about -getting through trials; being an example; being closer to heaven; strengthening the youth. Between the classes and the general sessions, I felt like the overriding theme was simply- HOPE.

And that's what I brought home with me.

Hope that I can be the mother I want to be.

Hope that I can be a better, more supportive wife.

Hope that I can live the gospel more completely.

Hope that I can achieve my dreams.

Here's some pictures from my week-

Me and the quiet house. 

My first taste of bread pudding.
Now, I'm addicted.

There aren't many men at women's conference.
(I thought it was sweet that he was holding his wife's bag.)

Most men's bathrooms were converted to 'women's'.
This one was not.

Did I mention my sister is a fabulous cook?
Quiche for breakfast. The diet Coke was my choice.
Girl Power!
{L-R: Paula (friend), Ellen (sister), Heidi (sister), me, Terah (sister-in-law)}


  1. How cool is that! looks like a great time. :)

    ps-- I adore bread pudding, send some my way!

  2. To go away and come home with a bread pudding addiction AND hope is almost more than anyone can wish for. I'm so happy for your lovely rejuvenation.

  3. Awesome, Julie! Sounds like a great week! Can't wait to see you on Thursday!


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