It's About Time

Friday morning, we drove around my mountain. We left our children and our worries at home as we headed toward Park City. I was looking forward to cooler temperatures and time to sit and sleep and visit without any thoughts about kids or books or bills.

We arrived at the condo just after my sisters and parents. Throughout the day, our family trickled in-each one greeted with hugs and smiles and great anticipation. This was a celebration of the half century that my parents have been married. We planned a weekend with only them, their children and spouses. No grandchildren allowed.

It was perfect.

We talked and made food, catching up on our lives. Some of us napped, others played cards, or pool. All of us looked forward to the sun going down and taking the temperature with it. (No AC in a place where they don't normally need it. The 98 temp. was sort of unheard of in the mountain setting.)

After a dinner of grilled chicken and steak, and too many sides to finish, we relaxed in the front room. You might think that after so many years together, we'd run out of things to say. We don't. We talked and laughed, and laughed some more.

 Saturday was filled with more food, games and dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant. Then, we went back to the condo for our tribute to our parents. After a game of 'Who Knows Mom and Dad Best' (Heidi won), we each took turns telling some things about our parents. As I listened to my brothers and sisters and what they remember and love about Mom and Dad, I realized that so much of it had to do with time.
The time they spent with each of us. The time they took to make us feel loved and important. The time of their own that  they gave up to give to us. We did not grow up with money, but we were rich in the time we spent together and now our cup of memories runneth over.

This weekend was the perfect celebration because that's what we gave back to them- our time.

Mitch, Me, Heidi, Ellen, Sarah, Marc, Matt
Dad (Lyle) and Mom (Diane)


  1. this is wonderfully put Julie! it was an absolutely. wonderful weekend :)

  2. this is wonderfully put Julie! it was an absolutely. wonderful weekend :)

  3. Sounds like heaven! I'm glad you had a good time!

  4. Sounds absolutely perfect. :) And we never do run out of things to say around family, do we? It's such a blessing, I think, when conversations can just flow freely. :)

  5. Time is truly the most precious gift we can give one another--wonderful that you guys got to have this time together too.


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