It's a Dog's Life

My name is Chandler. 
I'm a dog.

This is Sadie. She's my girl.
She's my favorite. 
(I used to be little.)

I like to jump on her and lick her face
and take naps with her. 

I like to chew stuff. 
Chewing is my favorite.
I chewed all the couches and 
20 shoes.
I'm good at chewing.

This is Patrick. He's a dog, too.
He's my very best friend.
He's grouchy.
I try to play with him and he growls at me.
I think that means he likes me.

I like to bark.
I bark at people and cars and the sprinklers.
Barking at night is fun.
I'm a very loud barker.
Barking is my favorite.

Mom doesn't like when I bark and chew.
She makes me stay outside.
She's grouchy, too.
She's my favorite.


  1. My husband recently spent a week off at home, catching up on projects, and he said he was horrified to discovery how much our dogs bark! He can't believe our neighbors still like us, it's that bad.

  2. I'm horribly puppy hungry at the moment. Maybe it's because my baby is going to 1st grade this year and I'm feeling like I need something to nurture? I don't know. So this post makes me wish for a dog....and be thankful we don't have one, all at the same time! :) Instead I guess I'll have to be content with my chickens. Ha!


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