Those Young Whippersnappers!

You know how my last post was about not feeling old?

Yesterday, Max was on my bedroom floor.  His ADHD meds were wearing off and he was doing the hyper-dance around the house. So, on my floor and looking under my bed.

I'd like to say the underside of my king-size is pristine, or just collecting dust bunnies. I'd be lying. (Don't know where to put something? Hey! Shove it under the bed!) It's a plethera of treasures and junk.

So, Max is down there and he suddenly stands up with something in his hand and he says-

What the crap is this?

I just sprouted 4 new gray hairs.


  1. hahaha! now put a pencil with it and try to explain how they go together :)

  2. At least it's one of those cool see through ones!! They're newer than the old black ones. right? I'm struggling to remember.

  3. Do you have something to play it in? We do...I should totally make you a mixtape.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Almost like when Jack told us that Fred Flintstone was just the guy who made Fruity Pebbles.

    Where did our youth go????


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