Two Weeks filled with Downton Abby and a Toe Surgery

Did you know your toes are called phlanges? (I thought that was just fingers.) Or that the big toe is called Hallux? The middle toe, kind of like the middle child, doesn't get a cool name. It's officially called #3. It's sort of overlooked. Like Edith* on Downton Abby. It's the left-at-the-altar-not-as-pretty-as-your-sisters toe.

Sad, yes?

I wonder if that's why the Handy Man's #3 grew that awful mole. For attention.

See? Tiny.

Then, huge.
(Sorry for the close-up.)

The doctor even told the Handy Man that he 'wouldn't even miss it'. Poor toe. Ignored in life and not missed when it's gone.  If it had been the baby toe, like **Sybil, we would have cried to have it torn away from us. But, no, not #3. He'll walk and work just like before.

On its way to California for testing, we'll never see it again. I'm grateful, though, for Middle Toe. He sacrificed himself to keep my sweetheart alive. In my book, it's the best toe of them all.

*If you haven't seen Downton Abby, you should. You really should.
**Also from Downton Abby.


  1. Thanks for posting a before picture. I am intrigued by that kind of stuff. Poor middle toe, glad that it volunteered instead of an appendage that would be missed. Happy healing to the Handy Man!


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