Friday Five

(It's almost fall!!)

It's Friday and things are getting back to normal. The Handy Man is at work and I'm babysitting twins. (Cue Blue's Clues in the background.) I feel like maybe I can get back to the things I normally do, since that stupid cancer cloud has finally gone away.  Here's five things about my life--

1- The Handy Man went back to the doctor. His 'empty space' is healing nicely. So the doctor says. Looks gross and swollen to me. We discussed how in a year (or two) it won't even look weird to us. It'll just be his foot. And, someday, our grandkids will think it's awesome that Grandpa only has 9 toes. I considered including a picture, but wasn't sure you wanted to see it. I find it fascinating, but, then, I kinda love him, missing toe and all.

A less gross pic.

2- The reason I have few pictures lately is because my kids make a habit of stealing my batteries. Every time I get some new rechargeables, I swear to them that they will not use my batteries. Ever. Then, a few days go by and someone comes to ask for batteries. I'm a sucker for their puppy-dog eyes, and the draw of a quieter house while they play the Wii. I give in. Every time.

3- I saw on the news that they now have rehab for people addicted to the internet. I don't think that's me. I didn't go on the internet at all yesterday. Unless you count the 16 times I checked facebook on my phone. Maybe it's time to book me a room.

4- Comic Con is in Salt Lake this week. Even though my two oldest boys are there, I still don't really know what it is. Lots of people in costume, some famous people (who you can pay to have your picture taken with- what?!? You can have your picture with me for free!), and other stuff. I thought it was about comic book characters, but Henry Wrinkler is going to be there. The Fonz?  My son says it's a geek convention. At least he didn't wear a costume.

The Fonz.

5- It's September. September. My favorite month. Not just because it's my birthday month, but because it's the month of the autumnal equinox. I love autumn. It's my favorite. Today I got out my fall decorations and realized something- I need more.  I'm not putting up anything Halloween-ish yet. I'll wait a bit. Mostly because the Handy Man hates Halloween and I'm keeping that decor to one month. (It's taking a lot of willpower.)
My sister and I went through our Pinterest 'fall boards' a couple weeks ago and are wanting to make some stuff. Are you on Pinterest? You should be. Also, you should follow me and I'll follow you right back. Because, along with September, I also love Pinterest.

*These are two of our projects-

That's it. My life in 5. What's going on with you??


  1. Ok book two rooms at rehab. Just make sure they have wifi when you book ;-)

    Also I have been loving the autumn things you have been pinning! I am so gladly Handyman is getting back to normal, can I have some of what he has been on I'm still struggling!!

    And the Fonz at comic con why am I not there, wait who is he (kidding!)

    (Ps sorry I haven't visited in ages!!! Loves)

    1. Make sure they have wifi, you make me laugh. And, don't worry about not visiting, I've been really inconsistent and you've had an incredibly full plate!!

  2. I'm so so glad "The Handy Man" is doing better....and I love your blog! I miss you and am sadder than sad that I didn't get to see you when I was there. I may not always comment but I am here visiting all the time. Love ya!

  3. Julie, I love that you are looking forward to the grandkids thinking Grandpa only having 9 toes is cool. My grandpa had a glass eye and we all thought it was super cool. Not freaky at all, just kind of amazing...and pirate-like. I'd always try and sneak up on him but he caught me every time. He made it cool so we all thought it was not scary at all. Then again, my grandma (other side of the family) had a glass eye too and one day, out of no where she just popped it out in front of us kids and showed us how it was not round like a marble. I almost fainted. As long as your dear hubby doesn't invest in a prosthetic toe he can pop on and off, I think you'll be good with the kiddies. Sending lots of LOVE your way my super wonderful friend!

    1. Here's a funny thing-my grandpa had a glass eye, too! He used to take it out for us. It never creaped me out, but it did my sisters. I remember at least one time that I chased them around my grandparents' house with it.

  4. I'm not going to lie. I kind of want to see "the toe" (or lack thereof). Happy (early?) birthday! I hate September. Means cold is coming. Except this week in Chicago it's about a bazillion degrees. Hang on, Summer, HANG ON! - Mar

  5. Coupla things: Hope you had a happy birthday. So glad the toe/cancer thing has turned out so well and very impressed with your sense of humor and perspective about the whole thing. As to Comic Con, I don't know anyone personally who has ever gone, but my daughter did dress in costume for the premiere of the Avengers movie. She didn't even CARE about the movie, but got roped into the whole adventure with a group of her friends who cared VERY much about the movie. They were pretty impressive and ended up on the front page of the newspaper of our (admittedly) very tiny town.


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