Friday Flashback

 Today takes us back to 1968, 1971 and 1984. (And to the present with a toe pic.)

(1968 or 69)

I must be two, or three? This is at my grandma's house. I'm not sure why, but taking a bath at Grandma's was a huge treat. Everything about her house was special, from the super-soft, furry, white couch, to the cereal cupboard filled with sugary concoctions never found at home.

L-R: My sister Ellen, Me and our friend, Karen. Where did I get that attitude? I was incredibly shy. Maybe because I was at home with Mom behind the camera. We lived in Mesa, Arizona, thus the tan and the bare feet. Seriously, we never wore shoes.

Fast forward a few years. This is a family portrait taken when I was a senior in high school. My parents are seated with Sarah on Mom's lap. Then, L-R:  Mitch, Marc, Heidi, Ellen, Me and Matt.  My parents are so young. My son, Max, is a clone of Mitch. Don't you love Matt's shirt? And, what about my big hair? Wow.

We've changed a bit, yes?

(l-r: Mitch, Me, Heidi, Ellen,Sarah, Marc, Matt
&Mom and Dad)

If you're grossed out easily, then now is the time to click away. If you're curious about toe amputation, scroll down-

(He got the stitches out yesterday and it looks a lot better than this.)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Fun Pictures! That foot doesn't look gross at all.

    1. But, Deb, you're used to dealing with grossness. :0)

  2. I was a little obsessed with seeing the "After" shot of the toe. Thanks for sharing. xoxo Sicko

    P.S. LOVE the 80s hair!

  3. Love the photos. Especially love the grandma bath thing. It wasn't my grandma's house, but one of my aunts' houses where I could always count on there being Mr. Bubble. We rarely, if ever, had it at home so it seemed like a great luxury.


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