Here's the Thing

Here's the thing...

The School Thing-I often hear people tell me how well-behaved my kids are. I've come to the conclusion that they are simply better for other people than for me (because they're beasts at home).  That idea was ripped to shreds last week when Noah got two 'behavior notices'.  On the same day.  It's gonna be a long year.

A rare quiet moment. Maybe I should get him a bunny.

The Addiction Thing- Our local gas station put out the fixings for dirty diet Cokes. (diet Coke, fresh lime and coconut syrup).  Though I'd tried it once before and didn't like it much, I decided to give it another go. That was Thursday. On Friday night, when I accidentally knocked my dirty drink on the floor, I was much more upset about the drink than the books I'd gotten wet. Then, when I went on Saturday (third time in three days) I was incredibly disappointed to find they'd run out of the coconut syrup. May be time for an intervention. (Or to find some coconut syrup to keep at home.)

The Birthday Thing-  At dinner on Friday, my husband said something about a birthday. My 14 year-old said, "Who's birthday is coming up?" Sorry, Spencer, your status as 'favorite' just got demoted.

The TV Thing- If you know me, or have read this blog for very long, you know I like tv. We're a tv-watching family. Judge if you will, but that's who we are. So, for someone who enjoys the boob-tube this much, living without cable for the past several months has been difficult.  But, happy days, September is premiere month. And, one of the shows I'm looking forward to most is, of course, Survivor! And, it starts on Wednesday!!! Tune in Thursday and I will let you know what I think about the new castaways, the new island, and the possibilities for backstabbing and betrayal.  Good times!

2 more days!

The Womanhood Thing- On a more serious note, my friend Meg (Meg in Progress) has posted a talk she gave over the weekend on Womanhood. It's beautiful. It's inspiring. It will make you feel wonderful about being a woman.

What's the thing with you?


  1. I'm dealing with the 'my daughter with long gorgeous hair cut it and now she looks like a boy' thing. Today she brought home a notice about school pictures being next week. Sigh.

    1. I saw the after pictures and it turned out cute! Someday, you'll show those school pics to her teenage friends and they'll all have a good laugh.

  2. My family loves premiere month! It's like a series of mini dates we all mark on our calendar: meet in the living room at 8:00 Monday night....

  3. Don't buy a bunny, they stink. Do buy coconut syrup. I watched The Black List tonight and liked it. I only watch Survivor when I know one of the contestants. I'm excited to see Micheal J. Fox on TV again. Will and Grace use to make me laugh so I'll check that guys show out too. I remember life before you could record your favorite shows and watch them later, I could never schedule anything, too busy watching TV at it's regularly scheduled program time. I like diet coke.

  4. I'm still celebrating the whole "My kids are ALL in school for 6 hours" thing. Could be the best year of my life. ;)


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