While We're All Confessing...

I've noticed a trend. Moms who are confessing to being 'less than stellar' on the internet. They tell the story of whatever it is they are/aren't doing, then their confession goes viral. They get interviewed by the news. People support them, hate them, shun and embrace them.

Well, hell, I'm a bad mom, too. I mean, really, aren't we all? With the exception of a few celebrities who claim perfection, we're pretty much all in the same boat. Oh, our sins will vary, of course. Where one may not bathe her baby everyday, or another might multi-task till her kids are in danger, none of us does it all to perfection. Don't believe me? Case in point-

  • It's 11am. I haven't dressed or even showered. There's a good chance I'll still be in pj's when my kids get home from school.

  • I make sure my kids brush their teeth at least once every day.Or two days. (Their dentist loves me.)

  • Our afterschool snacks all wear the name 'Little Debbie'.

  • I don't make breakfast. Ever. (Sorry, I lied. I make it on Christmas and Father's day.)

  • I lie.

  • I told my kids that if they lie, a purple light shines on their forehead so I know. (I, of course, do not have a purple light.)

  • If a sock is not stiff, it's clean enough for another day.

  • If I'm tired, I make my 14 year-old read bedtime stories to my youngest kids.  (This also happens if The Good Wife is on.)

  • I once missed my daughter's parent-teacher conference. When her teacher tried to reschedule, I said, "Yeah, I'm good." (She was in 2nd grade, I mean, really, did we need to discuss her calculus grade?) Her teacher sent me a scathing note about how I didn't care about her education. I didn't go to any other parent-teacher conferences with him. (And, my daughter is graduating this year, so, somehow, she survived.)

  • I was relieved when my son couldn't take band this year. 

  • I haven't done laundry in four days. 


See? No one is perfect. You're probably a lot closer than I am, and this list probably makes you feel good about your parenting skills. So, you're welcome.

Got anything you want to get off your chest??? Leave it in the comment/confession section.


  1. We live on Little Debbie after school too, and sometimes count it as dinner. And reading to the younger kids? I thought that's why I had older kids. Here's my big confession - I don't make my kids practice the piano as much as I should. Their teacher is on to me though. I'm sure if I said the word, she would gladly give our lesson spot to someone else.

  2. So... I haven't folded my laundry since July. Actutally, that's not true, because my friend gave me a birthday present and paid her little sister to come do housework for me, and I made HER fold my laundry in July. Which means I haven't folded my laundry since... well, I don't remember. I have a good system, though. All of the clothes in the house are in laundry baskets in the laundry room/pantry. We dig around for the ones we want and when they're dirty they go directly into the washer (because sorting... ain't nobody got time for that), then into the dryer, then the clean clothes go into the pile in the laundry baskets. My poor family.

  3. I wore my nightgown to the store a few weeks ago because I had to get medicine and it was after midnight. I was to tired to change back into normal clothes. I convinced myself it looked like I was wearing a dress. A long, black, soft, flowing dress. Might have worked if I hadn't also been to lazy to change out of my slippers.

  4. I am loving these comments! Great post Julie and I am right there with you. :-)

  5. I haven't vacuumed my house for 5 weeks.

  6. You're supposed to bathe the baby every day?! Whoops. As a mother and a housekeeper, I do everything "wrong". I'm terrible at both of those things, but somehow we all survive.
    I wash my hair about twice a week, tops.

  7. I love you. I really love you. And I didn't know we were supposed to encourage our kids to bathe. My bad.


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