Go with my Gut

Noah is on the bed next to me-- counting. He was so bummed about missing school today. The only one of my kids who wants to go to school. (Oh, except Spencer. He has three AP classes and school is sort of, you know, fun for him. The Handy Man and I are wondering if he was switched at the hospital.)

But, Noah is in first grade, which is pretty much kindergarten without the snacks. He loves school. Also, today was hat day and he really wanted to wear a hat. This hat--
(Grandpa would be proud.)

He's home because his foot is healing--finally. After three weeks, four doctor visits, two ultrasounds, and a partridge in a pear tree, they discovered that he had a 2X4 in his foot. OK, not really, but this thing was way too big to be in his tiny foot for 24 days.

His poor foot has been so sore that limping was an improvement. He's been hopping around the house so much that I'm sure his right leg is twice the size of his left by now. On the bright side, he'll be awesome at one-legged races. Or, if he wants to be a stork for Halloween.

Spending the day at the hospital isn't fun in anyone's book. At least the Handy Man was with me. And, the nurses brought me diet Coke.
Nurses rock.

All these doctor visits taught me one thing- doctors need to listen to moms. You're seeing my kid for ten minutes, I spend all day with him. Trust me. (I think I should have shirts made.)


  1. Love those shirts! I'm glad he's getting better now.

  2. That gave me the willies. Your poor baby boy! I'm glad they finally removed the intruder and that he is healing now. *shudder*

  3. "my stretch marks trump your medical degree".....AWESOME! I want to order one of those t-shirts! :) Glad Noah is feeling better, poor little guy!


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