The Race for the Stuff

Valinda Mae Stuffins sat in her chair,
The dates on the calendar caused her to stare,
They proclaimed that the date was soon to be here,
The date that she waited for all through the year.

The day it was circled and gave her no doubt, 
"The race for the stuff!" she said with a shout.

Valinda's house, it was filled to the brim,
But, she knew something was missing, and she tapped on her chin,

Then, she saw it,  one nook that was empty and bare,
"I must have some stuff for that space right there!"

And then there was Bobby, and Suzy, and Jim,
"I must buy stuff. And give stuff, to each one of them.
For surely they have empty nooks just like mine,
And they need stuff to fill them, there isn't much time."

Her life it seemed empty, so stuff she must get,
Just a few more things and then she'd be set,
"I need golf clubs, and mixers, and lovely stuffed pheasants,
And, soon, I'll also get more stuff as presents."

"Surely then I'll be happy," she said with a smile,
"Surrounded by stuff in piles and piles."

Valinda cancelled her plans, a dinner, what for?
While others were eating, she drove to the store,
Turkey and pie were things of the past. 
She needed her stuff and the sales wouldn't last.

Valinda stood in the stuff-lines, thrilled to the core,
She'd beat all the others, of that she was sure.
She raced against them, those who needed stuff, too,
Pushing and shoving, because that's what you do.
She grabbed some stuff here, and also some there,
Till her cart, it was full, no way would she share.

Back to her home, she gazed at her haul,
Her stuff pile it stood a good seven feet tall.

"Now, this is the best", she said, then she sighed,
"To say that I'm happy, would just be a lie,"

"I have many things, I have so much stuff,
But, to be honest, these things just aren't enough."

It isn't the stuff that brings us all bliss,
It isn't the race, so just think of  this,
The things we can't buy, our family and friends,
Those bring us happiness and love in the end.


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