Kind Words

I am not always kind.

Have you ever noticed, when someone dies in a horrific way,  and they interview their friend/loved one on TV, what they always say? "He was the kindest person."  "She was so sweet, always a friend, always smiling."

Apparently, only the good do die young, or at all. So, I'm thinking I have a long life ahead of me. Because, I'm not always kind. And, I don't always smile. And, sometimes, I think I'm a really crappy friend.

(Also, I've become a crappy blogger.)

BUT, there is one thing I think I do well when it comes to other people.

I am an awesome complimenter.

I think the reason is that I know how it feels to be complimented. It feels fabulous.   Seriously, if you're having one of those days-- when your hair didn't go right, and you're bloated so the only thing that fits is sweats, and you forgot eyeliner-- and someone says something like, "I love your hair."  Or, "You have such a nice smile."  Or, "You're a great writer." Well, that can just turn your day around.

I had an experience once, (which I may have already written about here, but, oh well.) when I was going through a REALLY bad time. I was at church and feeling depressed about pretty much everything and feeling completely alone. At the end of church, a friend came up to me and told me how much she appreciated me and my friendship. It was short, it was simple, but it brought me up out of the muck and mire I was trudging through. Two sentences and she changed my life.

There's a song we sing in church that says,

Oh the kind words we give
Shall in memory live 
And sunshine forever impart
Let us oft speak kind words to each other
Kind words are sweet tones of the heart*

Today is National Compliment Day. (for reals) My challenge is for you to impart a little sunshine in someone's life. A stranger, a friend, your child or your spouse. Tell them what's great about them. Give them a boost. You might literally change their life.

And, maybe if I die in a horrific way, when the news people interview my friends, they'll say, "She always had a kind word. She made me feel great about myself."

*Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words


  1. U Rock, Julie! Having been on the receiving end of many of your compliments, I will gladly step up to the open mic at your funeral and set the record straight. Every day should be National Compliment Day. You are not only very kind, you are also a terrific writer.

  2. Also, I think I figured out the Blogger commenting problem. When they changed the form, they moved the "Publish" button and now the "Sign Out" button is where that used to be, so several times I have thought I was leaving a comment and then happily pressed "Sign Out" instead of "Publish" only to have it all vanish. Maybe that's just me, though.

  3. If the news crew hits me up for an interview, I might have to mention your size 11. Seriously....OBSESSED. And you are kind, too!


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