Taking Stock

It's the new year. Yay. I made it through the Christmas break and my kids are back in school.

Since we've begun a new year, I've been taking stock of my life. (Do people still say 'taking stock'? It makes me feel hillbilly-ish.) Anyway, I thought it would be a good thing.

*I've only had to write '2014' twice and I'm happy to say, I got it right both times. Go me.

*I started with my new Primary class at church. I teach the 9 year-olds. It went pretty well. Of course, they're nine, so if I mess up and teach them false doctrine, they won't know it for years. (But, I don't. Teach false doctrine. Don't tell my bishop I said anything about false doctrine, k?)

*I didn't make any resolutions. I decided, why bother? Instead, I overate, overslept, and laid around in my pj's for a week. I figure I've broken any and all resolutions I made for the past ten years and now I can relax and enjoy my life.

*I haven't made a new picture for my blog. Have you noticed? The Christmas picture didn't slap you in the face when you got on here? Oh, good. Maybe I'll just make it black and white and call it a New Year's tree. heh.

*I did exercise this week. Woohoo. I know. You're so excited for me. Thing is, my hips are killing me. I shouldn't say that.  I think anytime you mention your hips, and, not in a 'woo, nice hips, you're so Kardashian' way, it makes you seem really old.

*My baby turned 7. That should make me feel young. But, since most of his friends have moms that are MUCH younger than me, it makes me feel really old.

*I'm really old.

*I am on the countdown until we become a 2-car family again. Next month, people! Not that I would be going anywhere this week if I did have a car. Mother Nature is throwing snowballs at us. When that happens, I'm happy to sit inside and look at the snow while I watch reruns of Scandal.

*Do you watch Scandal? Do. You?  This show has taken over my life. The Handy Man and I watched it (2 1/2 seasons worth) in two weeks. I would've watched it in two days, but I had to wait for him to come home from work. And, no, I didn't watch any episodes without him and then pretend that I hadn't seen it. I didn't. Ok, twice.

(Oh, man! I want to be Olivia Pope! She's so confident and smart
and could I please, please have just a smidge of her style?!?!)

*I'm excited for this year. I am. I don't have resolutions, but I am going to spend more time with friends. And, less time worrying over my body. And, more time writing. And, I'm giving up diet Coke.

*No, I'm not. I take that back. I didn't say that. I'm sorry diet Coke, don't be mad. I love you.

*Here's to a new year filled with good things!


  1. Julie your posts are the best! I love you.

  2. My sister and I didn't make a resolution exactly, but we both agreed that we drink too much soda. Dr. Pepper actually. Someone asked if we thought of trying diet....no. We'd rather drink water!

  3. I didn't bother to make any resolutions. I always break them and end up feeling bad about it anyway... I'm just saving myself some time. :P

  4. I just typed out a somewhat lengthy and very witty (in my opinion) comment telling you how you had convince me to watch Scandal but how was I going to find the time if I was watching The Bachelor and Once Upon a Time and other such shows....only to hit the publish button and discover that I was logged in as Julianne. Which meant it wouldn't let me leave my lengthy and witty comment until I logged in as my rightful self. And when I did that, it was gone. Sigh. But the gist of the message....YES, Scandal. I will start soon! You have convinced me! There. Done.

  5. Old.....nah, we live in Neverland as writers and have therefore never grown up ;-) As for the rest of your New Year plan of spending time with friends, that sounds awesome!


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