Fifty is the New Thirty

I have six siblings. Three sisters and three brothers. (I’m a Libra, so things balance out.) I adore them all. But, there is only one who has been with me my whole, entire life. My older sister, Heidi.

I may have been a bit of a disappointment to Heidi. She had an African-American doll and thought that for sure I should be born looking like it. Also, she wanted to name me Donna.

Heidi and me with our Grandpa.

Heidi is two and a half years older than me. She has gone before me always. Paving the way. I watched her with her friends, in school and at church. I watched how she dressed, how she talked and how she acted.  All the while, I tried to fit my steps to hers and follow along. 

And, then, I didn’t. 

In high school, our interests and aims diverged into different paths. She tried things I never dared. She had a confidence that terrified me. She dated boys I disliked, and then she married one. 

But, it never changed how I felt about her. 

I love her. And, I’ve always, always admired her.

And, now that we’re all grown up and stuff, I want nothing more than to be just like her.

Life, as with most of us, has been a challenge for Heidi. But, a divorce, physical struggles and the normal stresses of raising kids have not stopped her. She is fierce and loyal, pressing forward, always forward. 

Heidi is the mother to five beautiful daughters. She is a devoted wife (no longer to the boy I didn’t like). And, she has the most gorgeous granddaughter. Heidi is a pillar of strength amid her many trials in life. She loves to tease and there is magic in her laughter.

We all look to her, the six of us. That mothering instinct of being oldest has never wavered. We depend on it. She has a close and unique relationship with each of us. Heidi is our rock, our center. We'd all be lost without her. 

(Front L-R: Amanda, Jerry, Heidi, Cassie, Justin
Back-Lindsey, Ashley, Rachel, Rowe, Brent)

Fifty years looks good on you, Sister. 
Happy Birthday!!


  1. Lovely birthday gift and tribute. You're both lucky girls! (I don't know what I'd do without my four sisters.)

  2. You have a way of making people feel so loved and special and I'm very blessed you're my sister! I love you! Luz

  3. FIVE girls? Heidi goes right to heaven in my book! What a beautiful family & tribute!


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