Happy Birthday, Girl in Progress!

I met Meg last year at our Listen to Your Mother rehearsal. She sat next to me and I was at once drawn to her, but also, completely intimidated by her vivacious personality. When she read her essay, I fell in love.

Since then, our times together have been few (we live on opposite sides of Salt Lake, which sometimes feels like an ocean away), but through facebook and blogs, we keep in touch and I have had the enormous privilege of getting to know her and calling her friend.

As one of the most gifted writers I’ve known or read, I feel a bit hesitant to write about her. But, it’s her birthday, and, this is my gift to her, because I can’t come to her house with a present in hand. I’d love to, though, because, Meg is the kind of person for whom you would take extra care in wrapping her gift. Because, she would appreciate every part of it. I imagine she would open it slowly, carefully, and, she’d probably save the ribbon. She would gush over the beauty of the package long before she knew what was inside, making you feel like you’d done the impossible with the simple act of taping paper.

Meg is a light, and not just that she shines, but, in that she gives without any thought of getting back. She writes her thoughts and reflections on love and marriage and womanhood on her blog and she is wise beyond her years.   When I was recently wondering about the reason to keep blogging, she told me that if even one person was touched by what she wrote, then it was worth it. She is a beacon of love and goodness.

This woman makes me laugh. We sat next to each other at lunch recently, and I spent most of it bent over in giggles. She is bold without being rude. Isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, but is never unkind.

She is open, bares her soul, and is not afraid of her flaws. (Which I’m sure she has, but I don’t know what they are.)

Meg just lost her dad to cancer. I’ve seen this unfold through the internet and I am stunned by her grace and graciousness.  Her grief is fresh and strong, yet, she has described it with beauty and hope. She shared her father’s eulogy, which was the most lovely tribute to a remarkable man. I never met him, but through her words, I’ve come to know where she got her incredible capacity for  love and her ability to make each person she meets feel special.

Meg is the mother of two adorable little girls. She dotes on them and teaches them to love the intricacies and beauties of life.  Meg’s Listen to Your Mother presentation last year endeared me to her from the moment she first read it. Oh, my goodness, you must watch! (See below.)

She is dresses, and good food, and books, and the most astounding gift with the written word. She is complete devotion to her husband (lucky man!) and her family. She is love and embracing all that is bright and right in the world.

And, I thank God that I can say that she is my friend.

Happy Birthday, Meg!

Read her blog here.

(Meg's LTYM video)


  1. Thank you for sharing Meg with us, Julie! Surely she is blessed to have you for a friend. (Also, I'll have you know I just got sucked into an hour's worth of LTYM videos, so thank you for that too.)

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman.

  3. Wow. You can totally do my eulogy when I die. I officially love Meg and would move to Utah tomorrow if Joe would let me. But the kids might not like it (no crayons). ;)


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