Friday, February 21, 2014

Listen to Me, I Want to Listen to You!

Last year, following a few coincidences-that-weren't-coincidences, I found myself auditioning for Listen to Your Mother.  What followed was a whirlwind of meeting new friends, and rehearsals, and facebook chats, and, then the performance. And, it was, by far, one of the best experiences of my life. I have a dozen new friends because of this and they've each touched my life in very unique and loving ways.

Have I gushed enough?

Have I convinced you that you need to audition?

Because you do. Seriously. Like right now.

If you are a mother, or if you have a mother (I know you do!), if you have a story to tell, this is your chance!!  The details for the auditions are here- LTYM-Northern Utah. Give it a shot. You never know what may happen, and I promise, you won't be sorry.  And, I can sit in the audience and say, 'Hey! I know her!!'

And, if you aren't in Utah, you can check their national site to see if there are auditions near you!

(Here are a couple of my friends from last year. You can see all of the LTYM videos, from all of the cities on youtube.)


  1. Hey! There I am! Love you to the moon and back, woman!

  2. I still quote your "if you can't find a mate, find a FRIEND" weekly. Thrilled you did this & so happy you made friends for life!


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