I'll Be Back


Words are what I know. It's what I do. I wake up in the morning and I think them. I speak them and listen to them. And, I write them.  That's my favorite.

I try to write them everyday, usually I succeed. Some days, I totally fail. But, I always think about writing. And, then, when I don't write, I feel it.

I'm sort of tired of feeling it. And, I feel it a lot because of this blog. Because I don't post enough, I don't post everyday, my posts aren't funny or insightful or whatever. I laid in bed this morning and thought about quitting.

Instead, I decided to shove my guilt aside and take a break.

Three weeks. No blogging.

A 'Blogcation'.

Then, I can concentrate on other writing, and my new calling, and my kids. And, the Handy Man. (I like concentrating on him.)

Then, I'll be back. May 14.

Until then, thank you, my readers. I know you're an elite, small group, but don't think I don't appreciate you. Your loyalty means more than you can know.

See you in three.


  1. A blogcation is brilliant. I've been contemplating one myself.

    Ps. You ARE brilliant and insightful. duh.

  2. Awww! Everyone needs a break every now and then. BUT, just so you know, I think you are very insightful, and witty, and entertaining. Okay, sorry that was starting to sound like a guilt trip, which it's not. Have a good break. I will be anxiously awaiting May 14th.

  3. Yay for vacations....I just wish you were actually on that beach for three weeks, or are you???

    As for the guilt, I've been there and felt that and you know what I had an epiphany. I asked myself one question - Why do I write? I had a conversation with an author doing a book signing once, to be honest I'd never heard of him before but hey he had a book published and was in a big chain peddling his wears so I stopped for a chat and he asked me that very question. He was stunned when I said simply 'for me'. So many people told him 'for money' 'for fame' 'for recognition' and he said as soon as that is your goal with writing you are going to be so disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean I wouldn't like those things but they aren't my primary objective. Now I don't know whether he's right, or if I have taken away all my motivation to write but knowing that I write for me has certainly taken away the guilt of not blogging as often as I "should" because as soon as it becomes an obligation is it enjoyable anymore? Where my problem comes in is finding time to do the things I enjoy ;-) If only life were simple huh?!

    Anyways, I hope you feel better after a break and remember I will be here to read whenever you get chance to pen a post (even if I don't always comment as I should - there is always guilt for something right!)

  4. Blogcation!! As much as I look forward to reading each new post you write, I think you are most likely due for some time away - kind of like on TV when the fall season ends and we wait a few weeks to get through the holidays before a new episode of our favorite show! You, my wonderful friend are one of my favorite shows - and I look forward to your witty and insightful words when you return.


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