Friends in My Head

I have fabulous friends. I do. But, I sometimes think about the friends I wish I had. You know, those freakishly beautiful and charming women we see only on our tv sets or magazine covers? Yep, those. Because, I figure if they got to know me, they'd totally want to be my BFF.

For example-
 FIrst of all, we have almost the same name. Also, we're almost the same age (she's a year younger). I think we could totally hang out. We could discuss our children and the pros/cons of private vs. public school. She would probably ask me advice (since I am older and wiser) and I would tell her that she needs to part her hair on the side. Maybe I'd ask to borrow one of her dresses, like this one-

then we'd both have a good laugh- because BFF's can joke about weight and stuff.

Also, I think I could be friends with-
Also close in age. And, we have the same interests- She's married to Keith Urban, I listen to Keith Urban. She's from Australia, I want to go to Australia. She stars in movies, I watch movies. We would have so much to talk about. I'm pretty sure she'd want to come to my house and sit in my new office so we could chat about our families and how to polish her academy awards (warm, soapy water and a soft cloth). Also, we'd swap recipes because she would die for my coconut-lime banana bread.

And, of course, there's-

Seriously?  She's from a small town in Illinois, I'm from a small town in Idaho. She has kids, I have kids. She's hilarious, and well, So. Am. I. We would stay up till dawn laughing at each other's jokes. Also, pretty sure I could borrow her clothes.

Now, I just have to get to Hollywood so I can meet my friends in my head. Maybe they read my blog? Hey, Julia, Nicole and Melissa, if you do read this, call me. We have so much to talk about!

*Who would you be friends with, if you could?


  1. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling. Although, we'd need someone boring to balance them out. I could probably manage that. ;)

  2. Cher, Goldie Hawn and Whoopi Goldberg... BFFs in my head!


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