My New Office!

The front room in our house has had many purposes. My husband calls it the "Home Teacher's Room"- the one you keep clean for visitors. Then, for a long time it was the Wii-room. 
We had an entertainment center and an old tv, and pretty much gave it over to the kids.
But, then, they moved the Wii downstairs and the front room was empty and unused.
That's when I got an idea. 

What if we made it into an office?
But, not just any office, a nice office, a space for me. It's taken months of buying things here and there, painting and building. With the help of the Handy Man and lots of hard work, it has finally come together. I've never decorated a room before. Oh, I've put up stuff, but never had a real vision for what I wanted. But I did with this room and--I. Love. It.  I'm still missing a window treatment and an office chair, but I'm patient. For now, I'm enjoying it the way it is.

The entire project cost less than $100. One of the biggest expenses was paint. But, even that only cost $26. (Check the mis-tints. I got one gallon for just $9!)

The desk was free- gotta love hand-me-downs.
I painted it the same color as the light walls,
then hand painted the flowers- using a pattern.

I bought the chairs at DI (thrift store) for $12 each.
Fabric for pillows $6.

I repainted frames and a shelf that I already had. 
I also painted the file box to match.
Moved a lamp and pictures from downstairs.

Again, just paint and moving pictures around.

The bookcase was a dresser that my sister gave me.
The Handy Man transformed it into a bookshelf.
I spray painted the inside black to disguise the 'imperfections'.

Don't you love the owls?
The 'Love the Journey' print is available here

The whole room. It's clean, and peaceful and pretty.
It makes me happy.


  1. Love, love, LOVE it! Enjoy using your new space. =)

  2. This is FABulous! You'll have to change the title of your blog now: FABULOUS & Frumpy. . . wait. . . that doesn't quite fit. I guess Fabulous & Fabulous is a bit redundant. Oh, well, I love your beautiful writer's space. And I love you.

  3. The girls are officially sharing a room and you are hired to make over the spare bedroom that will create! I love it. And I may also be a little jealous as I balance my laptop on my knee ;-)


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