Why I Love Where I Live- Jet Noise

Photo original here.
I  live just a mile from Hill Air Force Base--and directly in the flight path of the planes. After eight years, it hasn't gotten old. I love listening to the jet noise and seeing them soar over our city.
This weekend is their air show, which I'm sad to say, I'll be missing. Lucky me, they've been practicing today, and watching them has proven that even jets can be poetic.


Flocks fly across the horizon,

Their metallic wings gleam gray and blue,

With dizzying speed they ascend,

Their cries rumbling, thundering,

Stirring emotion and pride,

Trailing clouds of patriotism in their wake.


  1. Wonderful poem. Wonderful sentiment. When we moved into the home I live in now we were initially bothered by train whistles as night. We're not even close to the tracks, but closer than before, within earshot now. All of us grew accustomed to the sound and now we find it comforting and familiar. It's part of what makes this "home."


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