Magical Books

I am a reader of books.
I am a writer of books.
I love books.

From my earliest memories, I loved books. I spent hours reading and imagining myself in the places and lives on those pages. I read about Helen Keller and Ann Frank. I read novels that took me to faraway lands and on fantastic adventures.

Books are magic.

Today, with rain pouring outside, Noah came in my room, flopped on my bed and said, "There's nothing to do."

"Let's go to the library."

This brought an immediate smile. As the recent owner of a library card, Noah bugs me almost daily to go.

While I perused the CD's and wandered the non-fiction section, Noah ran (don't run!) back and forth from the children's section to show me what treasures he'd found. At one point, he positioned himself at a computer so he could look up a book. And, then, he showed me the encyclopedias he'd found and I explained what they are. ("Before we had the internet, this is how we looked up stuff.")
He loves the library. Ain't nothin' wrong with that!

When he'd finally made his selection (3 movies and 3 books) he carried them to the counter. I watched as he took his wallet out of his pocket and took out the one thing in his wallet. His library card. He proudly handed it over to be scanned, then carefully put it back.

I love our time of technology and instant information, but I am nostalgic for those days when the best way to pass time was in the pages of a book. So often, we are looking for magic in our lives without realizing how close it actually is.

*By the way, this is the book I got. What are you reading?


  1. I'm not reading enough! Sadly reading time has been on the back burner for the past 6 months or so. That will change though as we move into fall. I am determined!!

    I have always loved the library too and I remember getting my first, very own library card. So cool!


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